Northcore Surfboard / SUP / Longboard Carry Strap Sling


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Northcore Surfboard / SUP / Longboard Sling. Handy way to carry your surfboard without the bulk of a full surfboard bag. These hard wearing straps slide over your board so you can carry on your shoulder with ease! Sometime the simplest solutions are the best!

Northcore SUP / Longboard Sling Features:

  • Extra strong adjustable webbing to fit any size board

  • Padded anti-slip shoulder strap for added comfort

  • Ideal for carrying surfboards, longboards, stand-up paddle boards, wind surf boards etc.

Note: These carry slings come with one loop/buckle and you make another loop by threading the long loose strap back through the shoulder padding and through the one buckle. You will then have two loops to slot your board through.

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