Womens Swimming Wetsuits

Sea Swimming has always been popular nowadays more people are wanting to swim later into the year and we are getting demand for Sea Swimming Wetsuits or Open water swimming wetsuits. It depends on what you want from your swimming experience as to the level of equipment you may want - for instance if you want the ultimate experience of swimming and the elements then perhaps all you will want is a swim suit, goggles and a swimming cap but with sea temperatures getting down to 5°C (41°F) during winter, most will want a little more protection - this will be a wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. We have been selling wetsuits in Brighton and wetsuits online for over 25 years and pride ourselves in a huge selection and have friendly knowledgeable staff to insure you get the right suit for you. A Wetsuit will keep your core warm and provide a little extra buoyancy too, the more neoprene you have on the warmer you should be but too much and you may start to lose the feeling of swimming through the water opposed to floating on it. If you are a member of a sea swimming club we suggest speaking to your instructor / organiser they will be able to give you the best advice on what you will need according to local conditions. We have found lightweight short arm and long leg or short leg wetsuits popular as they keep your core nice and warm but don't restrict movement allowing you the feeling you are still swimming through the water and not being too floaty. You will also find your extremities need protecting too - fingers and toes are the first to suffer in cold water - Lightweight gloves will keep your hands warmer without detracting too much from the feeling of swimming - Wetsuit boots or wetsuit shoes for sea swimming are recommended to keep your feet warm but also protected from sharp stones and those nasty weaver fish. or colder temperatures we also sell neoprene beanies and hoods to keep all the heat you generate from swimming from getting lost through your head - these make a big difference. We also have a good range of sea swimming googles and swimming hats too. If you require more information please give us a call we are here to help or better still call into our store in Brighton and say Hi..! We won't be beaten on Price, Price Match available on exact like for like products, same model, size and colour. Call us now 01273 420142 or use our online chat.