How to SUP - Our Online Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding has become more and more popular over the last few years. If you've been wondering how it's done, or how to get started with SUP you've come to the right place! Here's our start up guide to SUP - a basic step by step guide of how to stand up paddle board for beginners.


Guide to SUP Step 1: Paddle Length

Stand your SUP paddle up next to you. Your paddle should measure one stretched hand above your head.


Guide to SUP Step 2: Launching & Landing

Start out by paddling on your knees until you're in a depth where you can fall safely.

Guide to SUP Step 3: Standing Up

Now it's time to get on your feet! The easiest way to get to standing position on your stand up paddle board is to hold one hand on the t-grip and the other on the shaft of your paddle. Stand up with feet shoulder width apart, either side of the handle. Look at the horizon and keep your knees flexed.

Guide to SUP Step 4: Forward Stroke

Right, let's get moving.... Place the SUP paddle in the water at arms reach. Draw the paddle along the side of the paddleboard. Then take the paddle out at your feet and repeat the stroke. To change sides release the top hand first and then swap it over with the bottom hand. Keep your top hand above the bottom hand to keep going straight.


Guide to SUP Step 5: To Turn

To turn on your stand up paddle board push water toward the tail (Fig 5a) on one side and nose on the other. The wider the paddle from the board, the better the turn

Guide to SUP Step 6:
In an Emergency

If you get in a hairy moment out there the best thing to do is lie down on your SUP board with the paddle blade under your chest. Paddle to the nearest and safest piece of shore with your hands. Wave for help if you are unable to paddle. Always stay with your board!


Need more info or advice?

If you would like any advice about SUP, we have expert staff who paddle board and are fully trained in all things SUP! Just give us a call on 01273 411141 or email

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