FCS 2 Julian Wilson Performance Core Medium Tri Fin Set


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Julian Wilson's new updated Signature fin set - with a full base & raked shape for projection down the line with a controlled feeling through turns. A raked back shape that complements Julian's physique, for an approach with a greater focus on a power and the better waves that the WSL tour locations provide. Julian’s signature fin focuses on speed, projection down the line & control. It has a fuller base and is constructed out of an extra responsive Performance Core & Aircore composite material.

Lighter, greater response and finer tuned flex. Aircore is a relatively new construction method that FCS have started implementing to a greater extent across their fin range. Built using a resin transfer moulding process which infuses a pressed polyurethane foam core & layers of fibreglass with epoxy resin. This construction method uses less fibreglass and resin while creating a lighter, ultra-responsive fin with a finely tuned flex pattern.

FCS Julian Wilson Performance Core Medium Tri Fin Set features:

  • Side & back fins area: 15.13"

  • Side & back fins base: 4.46"

  • Side & back fins height: 4.46"

  • Side fins foil: Flat/Bev

  • Back fin foil: Symm

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