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The Pickle Wax Remover


The Pickle Wax Remover. The Pickle Wax Remover is the easiest and quickest ways to remove surf wax from any surfboard. Change the wax for different climates, make your surfboard look new again, clean areas for ding repair and installing tail pads - and to remove the wax from the bottom of your board. The Pickle is reusable and can be thrown in any boardbag for travel. The Pickle doesn't require harsh chemicals and won't leave any waxy residue.

Professional Pickle Polishing Pointers For Particularly Picky People (phew!):

    • Best if used outside (Mum hates wax on her good sofa!)

    • The Pickle Wax Remover works on all types of surfboard finishes and all types of surf wax

    • Your Pickle is sensitive and should be kept away from sharp objects which could damage it (fins, dings, plugs, etc.).

    • There is no reason to wash your Pickle, so don't (the dirtier the better!)

    • Store your Pickle in the handy closable Pickle Pouch

    • Don't point your Pickle at others EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS NOT LOADED (no-one likes a Pickle pointer!)

    • The Pickle contains 100% recycled material - SO USING YOUR PICKLE MAY JUST SAVE THE PLANET!

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