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Starboard 10'2 Wedge Limited Stand Up Paddleboard




The Starboard Wedge Limited Series is the most versatile paddle board; honed for speed, the glide afforded by the long waterline length makes catching waves easy. Once you have caught a wave though is when the Wedge Limited Series shows you just how responsive and how smooth carving a SUP of this size can be.

The pulled in nose and tail outline of the Starboard Wedge are the chief reasons for the board’s excellent speed, creating a streamlined shape that moves through the water with ease and assists in the smooth release of water off the tail section. The bottom shape consists of a mono-concave nose, which feeds into a heavy midsection V and double concave, making rail-to-rail transitions incredibly easy. This then feeds into the tail concave, which itself enables super-tight and fast cutbacks, assisted all-the-more by the length and weight in the board’s nose, adding its momentum to turns. As such, there are only a few boards in which glide and maneuverability are combined so completely, as they are in the Starboard Wedge.

The Starboard Limited Series employs ‘lite tech’ construction – meaning that the hull is wrapped in a combination of different fibreglass densities, providing the bulk of the board’s strength and durability. Twin T-stringers made from glass fibre are positioned on the deck and bottom of the board close to the rail, providing a massive increase in the overall strength against total breakage in surf. An additional wide layer of 200g glass wraps the rails for higher strength against paddle impact and further reinforces the overall strength against buckling.
The deck features reinforced biaxial glass and Australian pine, to resist heel dents and impact from the standing area. The nose and tail are wrapped in multiple layers of glass fibre for further strength on these impact zones.


  • The narrow nose outline helps you generate speed, limits the nose from catching through turns and fits in tighter pockets in the wave.
  • Low nose rocker generates lift, drive and speed as it channels the water from nose to tail, through to double concave for sensitive rail to rail turning from the midpoint, through to vee tail for reactive pivot turning on the tail.
  • The Wedge has a new rounded pin tail to maximize the turning ability in these wider models. The pin tail makes it easier to engage and sink the tail for faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive. Rounded tail also gives the board a better drive out of the turns.
  • Thruster fin set up provides comfortable straight line tracking on flat and gives drive and control in surf.
  • A self-ventilating air valve is available on the board. This valve is self-ventilating so, it should not be touched or removed – otherwise, you are at risk of damaging the valve system.



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