How do I look after my wetsuit?

We're one of the biggest wetsuit retailers in Europe, that's not something you can achieve or maintain easily, but we do. We've got years of experience in the design, development and maintenance of wetsuits and work closely with all the major manufacturers. Your wetsuit, if looked after properly, will last you well - ensuring wave after wave in comfort and warmth. To keep your wetsuit in the best condition possible you should put it on and take it off with care, clean it out after use and store it correctly between uses. Here's how....

How do I put a wetsuit on?

In short, the best way to put a wetsuit on is to be gentle! Ease it gently and slowly into place to avoid over stressing any of the seams. It's tempting to yank it up around the ankles like you would a pair of socks, but don't. Step into the leg part first and pull the suit into place working from the bottom of the suit upwards, a bit at a time. If you have trouble getting your feet through to the end of the leg holes, a tip is to put a plastic bag around your foot before sliding into the leg hole - you'll find it much easier!

Don't put your arms into the suit until the whole of the lower body is fitted and in place. Then and only then, put one arm in, get your hand free and elbow in the correct spot before attempting the next arm.

Once arms are in place, if you have a 'batwing' / 'barrier' system in your suit (the flap of neoprene under the back zipper that prevents cold water flushes) then adjust this into place.

Finally, for back zipper suits, put one hand behind your back, grab the zip pull. Pull the zip up, slowly and smoothly. If it jams pull it down, sort out the problem and start again, never force your zip. If you arch your back as you pull on the zip pull you will find the zip should slide easily into place. For chest zip suits you should be able to ease your head into the neck piece and gently zip up.

How do I take a wetsuit off?

Taking off a wetsuit is always easier than puting a wetsuit on, but when your cold, shivering on the beach can still be a chore! The best advice we can give would be to take your time! Be careful not to pull too hard and over stretch the seams. Work in the reverse of putting the suit on, so arms out first then you should be able to peel off the lower body and legs.

Remember if you have ankle ties or Velcro un-do them before you start, as putting a wet wetsuit back on because you forgot is a nightmare - this always happens in front of a crowd too!

How should I clean my wetsuit?

When you get home, rinse the wetsuit in fresh water paying particular attention to the zipper and Velcro closures. Allow your suit to drip dry inside out on the line - drying inside out will prevent your wetsuit from fading. You shouldn't leave the suit on the line too long either as the prolonged exposure to UV light will harm the delicate materials.

To store, hang it on a big wide plastic coat hanger this will support the shoulders and not mark or stretch the soft materials. Don't use metal hangers as these can rust and will stain your suit.

NEVER wash your suit in a washing machine, or tumble dry! Most stains can be removed by hand washing. Oil or tar will dissolve after the application of eucalyptus oil or peanut butter (yes it works). For less stubborn stains, mild washing detergent or wetsuit shampoo will usually shift it.

What about wetsuit shampoos and cleaning products?

There are a variety of really good products on the market to keep your suit and accessories healthy and smelling nice. As grim as it sounds, it's common for surfers to 'pee' in their wetsuit while out in the sea (come on, we've all done it!) and with all that paddling out you'll be sweating somewhat too.

Proper wetsuit shampoos are designed to help combat odour and some work on keeping the neoprene supple and in good condition.

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