We stock a vast range of snowboard  & Skiing accessories from thermals to the latest technical snow jackets. In season we have a great range of snow helmets, goggles, snow socks.....all you need to get out on the slopes and stay dry and warm.

Our service centre is open throughout the season too so if you kit needs sharpening or a repair come and see us.

Here's some useful Youtube clips and information to help you choose your Snow gear......

Snow Gloves and Mittens - View our Youtube video below to learn more....



 Snow Goggles - View our Youtube video below to learn more....




Types of Snowboards


These boards have a soft flex which makes them easy to ride and manoeuvre, ideal for those just starting out snowboarding. Easy to ride these boards are perfect to practise the for picking basics of snowboarding before progressing onto something more advanced.


Freeride snowboards are ideal for those riders that love off piste riding in deep powder, normally a stiffer flex and directional shape board which makes them great at floating through deep powder.


Also known as all terrain boards, these are designed to handle all snow conditions take it and ride everywhere, park to powder. Suitable for all rider levels and all terrains.


Shorter in length, the freestyle board offer features such as a true twin shape tip and tail, this making them easy to ride in either direction. These boards are great fun for all mountain terrain including parks and pipes. Easy to manoeuvre these boards are also light and ideal for performing tricks and airs.


Snowboard Size


The width of the middle of your board you choose is governed by your personal boot size. Your heel and toe should sit just slightly over the edge of the board increasing pressure allowing you to apply leverage to the board for turning and carving.


Rider Weight

This is so important, please call us (01273 411141)  for expert advice if you're new to snowboarding.  If your board is too short for your weight you will put far too much pressure on it causing problems with controlling and turning the board. A board that is too long for your weight then will feel heavy and difficult to turn.