Zone 3 100% Natural Organic Anti-Chafing Glide 60g - 60G


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100% natural and organic ingredients providing fantastic protection against chafing.

An easy to use balm which helps to prevent chafing, inflammation and relieves irritation. Relieves skin problems caused by friction, such as blisters, skin burns and dehydration. 

Key Features:

  • 100% natural and organic.
  • High quality ingredients, made in Canada.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective relief from chafing and irritation.
  • Perfect for wetsuit use.

The anti chafing glide’s water resistance properties make it perfect for wetsuits and hot and humid conditions.

Ingredients: Shea butter, Carnauba Wax, Stearyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Clementine, Litsea Cubeba.

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