Oakley – Started in 1975 by James Jannard, Oakley is one of the sports industries most respected and reputable manufacturers of eyewear, from Oakley sunglasses to Oakley snowboarding and ski goggles. Also known for their watches, clothing and other accessories. Oakley’s introduction to the market started with Jannard’s unique and innovative ‘Oakley Grip’ – a motorcycle grip made from ‘Unobtanium’, which he sold out of the back of his car. This ‘Unobtanium’ is still used today to make the ear-socks on Oakley glasses, and many nose pieces. In 1980 Jannard released the samout Oakley O-Frame goggles with the Oakley ‘O’ logo on the strap, which developed the brand recognition. Since then, Oakley have manufactured a huge range of sunglasses, goggles and prescription glasses – ranging from metal frame styles like the Oakley Whisker and Oakley Inmate, retro styles like the Oakley Jupiter and Oakley Frogskins and also classic styles like the Oakley Hijinx, Oakley Monster Dog (and Monster Pup) and Oakley Oil Drum frames. Uniquely, Oakley manufacture their sunglass frames in a wide variety of colours, all available with lenses to suit – whether it be polarised lenses you’re after, grey, brown or rose. We stock a massive range of Oakley sunglasses and snowboarding goggles, but we’re also able to order you in anything you want too – custom to your requirements. Check out our bargain sale discounts and clearance stock too! Better still get FREE UK mainland delivery