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Baltic Skipper Life Jacket 15 - 30 KG

By Baltic

The Baltic Skipper Life Jacket is desgined for maximal saftey, floating its users head up with airways out of the water, perfect for the weaker swimmer or for those seeking ultimate protection on those riskier adventures.

 Product Features:

  • High-Visibility Fabric
  • Crotch Strap
  • Whistle
  • Robust Waistband and Zipper
  • 90N of Bouyancy

The Baltic Skipper Life Jacket is approved in all sizes according to the latest standard EN ISO 12402.

After use, the lifejacket should be rinsed in fresh water and hung up to dry and stored in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Wash only by hand in lukewarm water with mild detergent.

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