Essential Guide to Kids Skateboards

Skateboarding has boomed over the last few years – with more Skate Parks springing up, there has never been a better time to get kids off those computer games and out in the fresh air... It’s good to start out right though and getting a ‘first skateboard’ can be confusing. Here’s our guide to the most frequently asked questions about skateboards for kids If you need a bit more help don't be afraid to ask - we have online chat in office hours just shout..! 


What’s the difference between a ‘proper’ skateboard and one from a Toy shop?

There are alot of differences between the skateboards you can buy at a Toy Shop and those that are available from a skate shop that might not be obvious to the eye to begin with. It is so important you don't buy the wrong type of skateboard and put them off, so we've put together a guide below to explain.


Toy Shop Skateboard
A toy shop skateboard is made of poor quality wood and glue, plastic bushings and plastic wheels that are slippery and slow. These type of boards won't last 5 minutes and might put your child off skateboarding which wouldn't be great. Often corners are cut in construction to keep prices down - this will effect performance and worse still safety. 

A 'Proper Skateboard'
These skateboards are made by skateboarders for skateboarders! Made from quality materials such as Maple wood (usually Canadian) , urethane wheels and softer bushings these boards will allow for quicker progression. Balancing and turning will be much easier and confidence will improve quite quickly.


How much is a 'Proper Skateboard' for kids?
Our skateboards for kids start from around £59.99, set up and ready to go so they can get practicing in no time at all! Take a look below at just some we have in our Brighton store and online. See the full range here 'Kids Skateboards'.


What protective gear do kids need for Skateboarding? Is a helmet important?

In short – YES. When starting out skateboarding (and even as a pro) you will fall over – more than once! It’s best to kit up with proper pads and a helmet. knee and elbow pads do what they say on the tin – protect your knees and elbows! A helmet is a no-brainer really – especially on concrete! Get a decent helmet with CE certification, so you know it does its job properly. All the skateboard helmets we sell are made by decent skate or snowboarding brands and offer the proper protection for you head, they are also certified for cycle use too which is an added bonus. Make sure it fits well too – a helmet isn’t one of those items you should get to “grow into”! Wrist guards are a great idea to protect your wrists and palms of your hands from impact. Check out the Bullet Deluxe Junior Pad set, which is a great price for the whole set!

Check out our range of skateboard pads and skateboard helmets here>>>



What does a complete skateboard mean?

A complete skateboard is one that’s set up with trucks and wheels already attached to the deck, so its ‘complete’ and ready to ride. View our range of complete mini skateboards here


 What is a Mini Skateboard?

Essentially a mini skateboard is a smaller sized skateboard, ideal for children. So really, a mini skateboard is a kids skateboard. One item we would definately avoid are tiny skateboards you see in toy stores - these rarely function as they should and are dangerous due to their size.


What size skateboard should I get for kids?

Skateboards are most comonly sized using the width of the deck. When you see “XXX Skateboard 7” this means the deck is 7 inches wide. Skateboard sizes for kids are generally between 6.5 to 7.5. You can use our chart below as an approximate guide for which size skateboard to choose for your child:

  Approx Height 
  Skateboard Deck Size 
  Shoe Size  (UK)  
   5 or under  3'4 or under  6.5 - 6.75  3 or under
   6 - 8  3'5 - 4'4  7.0  3 - 5
   9 - 12  4'5 - 5'2  7.25 - 7.3  6 - 7
   13+  5'3 +  7.4 - 7.5  8+


 How do I look after a skateboard?

There’s not much you really need to do to look after a skateboard, just don’t leave it out in the rain as the bearings will get rusty and the deck can de-laminate.

From time to time it’s good to clean the bearings (see pic). They get clogged up with dirt and gunk, which can slow you down.  You can do this by taking off the wheels with a skate tool and using the end of the truck to prise out the bearing. Do this carefully so you don’t damage them. Gently wash away any dirt or grime with a rag and cleanser appropriate for use on steel, rubber, and plastic, such as rubbing alcohol or acetone. Avoid oil-based cleaners, which can leave a sticky residue. Do not use WD-40! Then pop em back in and re-attach your wheels!

For a fast tune-up, leave the wheels and bearings on and spray lubricant such as Bones Speed Cream directly onto the wheel.  If your skateboard bearings are worn out, instead of cleaning them you can replace with new skateboard bearings. We recommend Bones REDS skateboard bearings.

Anything else they’ll need?

If they progress well into skateboarding a pair of decent skate shoes are a good idea. Brands like Vans, Emerica, Lakai, eS all make shoes specifically for skateboarders which support the foot and ankle, whilst lasting longer. Check out our range of skate shoes


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