Zone 3 Polar Fleece Parka Robe Jacket


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Providing all the warmth and functionality you need to stay warm before and after your training session or event. 

Constructed with Zone3’s renowned Polar Fleece fabric on the inside, the jacket controls temperature through its heat regulatory properties and absorbs and wicks sweat away whilst still keeping you warm. Water and wind resistant outer Water-Block shell further enhances this, stopping any wind or water from penetrating the jacket. 

Large internal pocket on the inside, alongside a smaller zipped pocket with an earphone outlet for listening to music on the go.

Full front zip and two front fleeced pockets and large hood with cord fasteners.

Key features 

  • Three-quarter length, fleeced jacket to keep you warm pre or post training or racing
  • Inner Polar Fleece fabric is soft to touch, cozy and warm
  • Outer Water-Block fabric keeps the elements out and body warmth in
  • Two internal pockets - one large and a smaller zippered one for secure storage of electronics
  • Long front zip enables the jacket to be removed with ease
  • Two front fleece pockets keep your hands warm in colder conditions
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