Indy Trucks

Buy Indy Trucks here from our Indy skateboard truck department, home to a variety of skate trucks from skateboarding brand Independent. We stock Indy Pro, Indy Forged, Indy Cross and more. If you're looking for Independent skate trucks for your skateboard, then our Indy Trucks department is the place to come! We're a core skate store, so we're often getting in new Indy trucks, so check back on our Indy Trucks department on a regular basis to see which new Independent skateboarding trucks have arrived. If there's an Indy skate truck you're after that you don't see here in our Indy Trucks department, then get in touch and our skate guys will try and order in for you. We have a range of colours too - black Indy trucks, white Indy trucks, blue Indy trucks, silver Indy trucks... a range of sizes too - 129 Indy trucks, 139 Indy trucks, 149 Indy trucks and 169 Indy trucks. Buy Indy trucks online UK here at from our Indy trucks department.