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The Skate Store @ Boardriders - the UK online skate shop. The Boardriders Guide Skate Department is a comprehensive collection of skateboarding and skate related products from numerous skate brands and encompassing every era and discipline of skateboarding! In our UK online skate shop you'll find a range of skate gear. Buy online from our UK warehouse today and get fast delivery. Hassle free online shopping at its best! Buy skate gear online from our UK skate shop. Our skateboarding department is home to skateboards, skate decks, complete skateboards, skate wheels, skate trucks and so much more. We've been skateboarding for years to if you need advice on which skateboard or skate accessory to get then give us a call. All the skate hardware you need too from bearings and spacers to rails and grip tape. UK skate shop online here at From the retro / old school (old skool) early 70's era slalom skateboards of G&S, the classic Powell Peralta skateboards of the early 80's through to the modern skateboards of today. In our online skate shop we also stock a great range of longboard and cruiser complete skateboards and ready-to-ride skateboard set ups! If it's skate then we have it! Skate decks, skateboard trucks, skate wheels, skateboard bearings, skateboard grip tape, skate hardware, skateboard tools, skateboard pads and skate helmets, wax, rails, risers and more from all your favourite skate brands such as: Real Skateboards, Krooked Skateboards, Anti-hero Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, Toy Machine Skateboards, Spitfire Skateboards, Bones Skate Wheels, Santa Cruz, Creature Skateboards, Powell Peralta, Thunder Skate Trucks, Independent Skateboards,  Heroin Skateboards, Penny Skateboards, Death Skateboards, Witchcraft Skateboards, Blueprint Skateboards, Crayon Skateboards, Loaded Skateboards, Tunnel, Alva, and many more! Here at online skate shop UK we stock a great range of re issue old skool decks and complete skateboards. So whether your after an old school 70's 80's 90's deck or a new modern skateboard this online UK skate shop is the place to grab a skate bargain!







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