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Venture 5.8 High Skateboard Truck

Venture 5.8 High Skateboard Truck
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Venture 5.8 High Skateboard Truck. The Venture 5.8's are made for boards 8.1" wide and upwards. The 5.8's are a high polished truck that have a low set grade 8 kingpin, quality bushings and a hollowed out baseplate for lightness.


Venture 5.8 High Skateboard Truck features:

  • 5.8" Wide Hanger
  • High Truck
  • Low Set Kingpin
  • Hollow Baseplate For Lightness
  • Price is PER TRUCK (1 x)

Size Guide

Size Guide


What trucks are right for my board?

Here's a rough guide to truck sizes according to deck widths, we usually work on the theory that the axle width (that's the threaded part you bolt your wheels on to not the hanger) should be the same width as your deck - very slightly narrower would be ok - but not wider. As with everything we sell if you have a query - just pop it on an email or better still call us we are happy to help. 

Board Width (inches) Truck Size
7.5” – 7.8” Independent 129 / Thunder 145 / Venture 5.0
8” – 8.25” Independent 139 / Thunder 147 / Venture 5.25
8.3” – 8.75” Independent 149 / Thunder 149
 9” – 10.25” Indepenedent 169 / Tracker Six Track
11” +(e.g Dog Town Bigfoot) Independent 215

 Another thing to remember is trucks come in different height profiles.

Low profile trucks: give a lower centre of gravity and are there for ideal for smaller wheels (50mm-53mm)  and narrower decks (7.5-8”) low profile trucks are the preferred truck of more technical skaters as they give a quicker pop.

High profile trucks: have a higher centre of gravity giving you more wheel clearance so are ideal for larger wheels (54mm – 60mm)

Wider boards (8”- 10”): high profile trucks give you more leverage for ollies etc and a tighter smoother turn.

For wheels bigger than 60mm simply add some riser pads to give you more wheel clearance.

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 £50.01 - £59.99 -    £3.99  £4.99
 £60.00 - £79.99    -  - Free  £4.99
 £80 & Over - - Free  Free

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