Witchcraft Skateboards was started by the infamous artist ‘French’. You’ve probably seen French’s work on numerous occasions but not actually realised it! French has done artwork for skateboard brands Independent, Cliché, Colab and Creature, to name but a few, plus his poster and flyer art too. Not bad for a lad from Aldershot! French has since taken his dark art and used it to form his own skateboard company WITCHCRAFT. Witchcraft produces skateboards, t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps etc. all adorned with artwork most evil! French does not work alone however, Witchcraft Skateboards’ range of products feature work by fellow artists Paul Parker, Murdoch Stafford, Alan Glass and Matt Glover. The skateboards themselves are the best quality in the business and are proudly pressed in the same factory as Real, Anti-hero and Krooked skateboards - so quality guaranteed! Witchcraft’s team of skate minions consists of Jamie Morley, Sam Roberts, Mark Tidbury, Rawdog Ruari, Vincent Coupeau and Brighton local Jake Snelling.