Penny Skateboards

Looking for Penny Skateboards? Find Penny Skateboards UK here in our Penny Skateboards department. The original plastic retro skateboard.... Here in our Penny Skateboards department you'll find the original Penny Skateboard 22" - both 2011 and 2012 designs and colourways (and we've got loads of colours in stock too - pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, clear, glow in the dark, black, white - the list goes on!). We stock the new Penny Nickel Skateboard too - the Penny Nickel 27". Plus you can customise your Penny Skateboard with Penny Trucks and Penny Wheels. Penny Skateboards - buy online UK from our skate store! There's free next day delivery on our Penny Skateboards and Penny Nickel boards too, for UK Mainland customers! We've got the new Penny colourways too - like the Penny Hover skateboard, Penny glow in the dark skateboard, Penny clear skateboard, Penny rasta colourway skateboard. A HUGE range of colours in all our Penny Skateboard Originals, Penny Skateboard Nickel, Penny Skateboard Trucks and Penny Skateboard Wheels. If there's a colour of Penny skate deck, Penny truck or Penny wheel you're after that you don't see here on our Penny Skateboards department, let us know and we'll try and order one in for you!