Jetty clothing & accessories. Mens Jetty tshirts, shirts, caps & more. Buy Jetty clothing onine UK from our Jetty department. Jetty say: Jetty is a grassroots effort with a special touch of New Jersey garage must & dust. We design and print our own apparel, find ways to innovate, learn from our mistakes, sweat, surf, skate, dance, party and listen to a lot of music. We draw the majority of our inspiration from the people around us. Our Friends & Families, Team Riders, Locals, Office Mates, & Like-minded Organizations. We are a tiny speck on the industry radar and we are motivated by that fact. We aim to create, inspire and set our own trends. Jetty was formed with the intention of supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation & spreading positive energy. Creating our own personal paths so that travel, music & opportunity became more apparent…knowing that we have accomplished these things and motivated many of you to do the same is the energy of The Jetty Life™. As an official Jetty stockist please check this department regularly for new Jetty mens clothing and Jetty caps. Community & charity are two pillars on which the Jetty brand stands proudly upon. They are dedicated to bettering our environment, bringing people together and helping those in need. Based on the Jersey Shore, when Hurricane Sandy wiped out the community Jetty naturally wanted to do their bit, and founded the Sandy Relief Project, for which they have donated an awesome $278,285 to date. "As Hurricane Sandy approached the Jersey Shore, we knew that we would be springing into action in some way. Little did we know that the Superstorm would totally devastate our homes, most of New Jersey & beyond. Our plan of action, once we regained power, was to design a T-shirt and get it online so that we could immediately raise money for victims and first responders. We launched this project on Wednesday, October 31st, two days after the destruction." Jetty have donated an awesome $278,284 to date!