Habitat Skateboards was started by Joe Castrucci and was initially a small sister brand to Alien Workshop Skateboards, but soon thrived into a standalone company, that has now overshadowed Alien Workshop to some extent! Habitat Skateboards, along with Alien Workshop, was bought out by Burton Snowboards in 2008 and has since expanded to include a new footwear range. Despite the buyout, Habitat has maintained its top quality and earthy aesthetic, and has remained a greatly respected, stylish brand. Habitat boasts an amazing team of fresh and original skateboarders such as: Stefan Janoski, Fred Gall, Guru Khalsa, Daryl Angel, Kerry Getz, Tim O’Connor, Danny Garcia and Silas Baxter Neal. Habitat have recently released a DVD entitled ‘Origin’ which celebrates their roots and their continued dedication to skateboarding.