Go Pro Hero3 Cameras

Looking for the new Go Pro Hero3 camera? We've got Go Pro HD Hero3 cameras in stock and ready to ship. Browse our Go Pro Hero3 department and choose between the Go Pro hero3 Black Edition camera, the Go Pro Hero3 Motorsports Edition Camera or the Go Pro Hero3 Surf Edition Camera. Each set comes with the latest release and top spec Go Pro Hero3 camera. Need something a little cheaper? If you're happy to comprimise a little on the HD playback quality then the Go Pro Hero3 Silver Edition is one of our top picks - used by the staff here at BoardridersGuide.com we think this is the best value Go Pro camera out there. Choose a Go Pro Hero3 as your action camera and film yourself wherever you go - kayaking, snowboarding, bunjee jumping, even just walking down the stairs! The Go Pro Hero3 cameras are seen on TV every day - as the industry leader in action cameras, choose a Go Pro camera for yourself and you wont be dissapointed! It's the ultimate camera for filming during watersports, extreme sports and action sports. 2013 release was the Go Pro 3 (or Go Pro HD Hero 3) camera so you will be getting the absolute latest technology when you buy a Go Pro Hero3 camera UK here online at BoardridersGuide.com. You'll also get free next dday delivery on Go Pro Hero3 cameras, so you can get your HD Hero3 camera delivered conveniently to your door by tomorrow! Awesome huh! If you're in doubt about which Go Pro 3 camera to go for or which Go Pro Hero3 accessories might go with your Go Pro 3 camera, then give us a call and we'll be happy to help.