Chocolate Skateboards was created off the back of the popularity of skate brand Girl. Girl Skateboards was founded back in 1993 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. Rick and Mike were feeling disenchanted with their sponsors at the time and decided it was time for something new and different, so Girl was created! They quickly built up an impressive team of skaters and their current line-up consists of some of the greats - Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Rick Howard, Brian Anderson, Mike Mo Capaldi, Brandon Biebel, Alex Olson and Sean Malto! Girl became very popular very quickly! And not long after it was established, a sister company called CHOCOLATE was created. Like Girl Skateboards, Chocolate also featured a team of amazing skateboarders, which they maintain to this day. The current Chocolate Skate team includes Kenny Anderson, Marc Johnson, Devine Calloway, Gino Ianucci and Chico Brenes. Teams of innovative, original and stylish skaters (along with fantastic art direction) have made Girl and Chocolate Skateboards two of the most popular brands in the business. Here in our Chocolate department you'll find skate decks from Chocolate in a variety of designs. As a core online skate store we stock Chocolate skate gear and change our stock of skateboard decks on a daily basis so check back here in our Chocolate skate department often.