Welcome to our Tunnel department at BoardridersGuide.com online skate shop where you can buy Tunnel skateboard wheels online. Tunnel, also known as Tunnel Products or Tunnel Skateboards, was founded in 1975 by California surfer Mitch Haake. Mitch grew up in San Francisco and his love for skateboarding started when he made his own skateboard with metal wheels nailed to a 2 by 4. Next up came a stint in Ensenada, Mexico, where Mitch lived out of his VW bus. Unable to find a decent surfboard, Mitch shaped his own and was soon making high-quality surfboards for friends. Choose Tunnel wheels for your skate board from our range of Tunnel wheels here in our Tunnel section. Check our skate department for more skateboarding gear like decks, completes, trucks and more. Buy Tunnel skate gear here online UK.