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  • Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Complete Skateboards are Back

    Jimmy Plumer was part of the legendary Z Flex Skateboard Team and the Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Complete Skateboards are back. This is a modern day version of Jimmy's original 1970's Pro Model .The deck features custom Die Cut Z Flex grip tape and comes complete with Z Flex Trucks and Z Smooth Wheels, an ideal board for cruising but will hold it's own around a skatepark too.

    Jimmy Plumer Jimmy Plumer

    We are stoked to have this deal - a quality complete skateboard from one of the most famous names in skateboarding - Z Flex for just £39.99! These boards are great for cruising and commuting as they have great smooth wheels and a compact size. It's the classic 70's skateboard shape but a little wider than say a Penny skateboard so it will feel more stable, with a mellow kick-tail this board will be at home rolling around a skate park too. Due to its size, soft bushings and wheels these Z Flex skateboards would be ideal for the first time skater wanting a quality skateboard at a bargain price.  This is not just a cool retro skateboard it's high spec too - fitted with Z flex Brand wheels and Trucks - even Abec 7 Bearings make this the deal of the year don't miss out once they're gone they're gone..!

    We have a variety of colours available too! So whatever your mood or style there is a colour to suit!

    Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Z Flex Jimmy Plumer

    You can even check out our review by our very own Chas below:

    So be sure to grab one before they're gone!

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  • Get bidding for The Skatehouse

    Fancy yourself an epic piece of skate memorabilia? Perhaps a copy of Jay-Boy, signed by none other than skateboard legend JAY ADAMS himself! Yeah…we thought so!

    Here at Ocean Sports Board Riders, we like to support the local skate community, so we’ve donated an awesome signed copy of Jay-Boy to the guys down at The Skatehouse to auction off and raise funds for The Skatehouse Skatepark.

    Jay Adams is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time and one of the original members of Z-Boys, the world famous 70’s skateboarding group (along with Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta).  Adams is featured prominently in the award winning documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys and in the 2005 film account of the Z-Boys origins, Lords of Dogtown.

    Jay's stepfather Kent Sherwood was one of the founders of Z-Flex skateboards in 1976, he was also an amateur photographer with skills! Jay-Boy features over 100 pages of classic photographs, rare early moments of Jay, his friends and his lifestyle.

    Jay-Boy was produced in limited run and as you can imagine, a signed copy is pretty damn rare (and special).


    The signed copy of Jay-Boy is up for auction on eBay CLICK HERE to view the listing and make a bid (opens in new window). Auction ends at 9pm on 4th August and all proceeds go to The Skatehouse

    Great prize, great cause – get your bid on folks!

    For more information about The Skatehouse or to make a donation, head to

    For general skate enquiries email
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