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  • Your GoPro camera questions answered!

    As an official GoPro camera dealer both in store and online we get a lot of enquiries from customers about GoPro cameras looking for advice and info. We're here to help during opening times, but we know you sometimes want answers in the evening, or at weekends, when we're not on the end of a phone.

    So, we've written up a guide to GoPro cameras to answer your frequently asked questions and give you a few GoPro handy tips.

    Our GoPro camera FAQ's include:

    • What's the difference between GoPro Black, Silver & White?
    • What's the difference between the GoPro Black Edition, Motorsports & Surf Edition?
    • Are the GoPro Black Edition & Motorsports Edition the same?
    • Which GoPro camera do I need?
    • Which memory card do I need for a GoPro camera?
    • How do I know if a software update is available for my GoPro?
    • Do I need a computer to use a GoPro camera?
    • Do I need batteries for my GoPro camera?
    • How long does the battery last on a GoPro camera?
    • Compare spec of the GoPro Black, Silver & White cameras
    • Which accessories are included in the box?
    • Which GoPro accessories are available to add on?

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