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  • Christmas Sorted For the Surfers

    Bit stuck on what to get the surfer in your life? We've got Christmas sorted for the surfers.

    There's a whole host of accessories on our website to enhance the surfing experience.

    Do they never no what to do with their wetsuit post surf?

    Christmas sorted for the surfers - Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger

    The “Hook Up” hanger is a versatile rubber coated magnet designed to allow hanging of wetsuits, among other items on flat metal surfaces. The “Hook Up” hanger is great for road and camping trips as items can be hung from cars hatchbacks and doors without fear of scratching the paint work or them falling off as the 65mm diameter magnet has a 20kg pull strain which is sturdy enough to easily support a soaking wet 6mm winter wetsuit.

    Get too cold when they get out?


    Christmas Sorted For the Surfers quiksilver-hoody-towelQuiksilver hoody towel

    The Quiksilver hoody towel is ideal for a post surf! Made from 100% cotton this towel is 116cm long and features a pocket pouch to keep your hands nice and warm whilst you discuss the waters events.

    Or never no where to stash your keys?


    Christmas sorted for the surfers Extreme Horizon New Key Pod Lock Extreme Horizon New Key Pod Lock

    Try the Extreme Horizon New Key Pod Lock, A weather resistant and tough key pod, simple and quick to use for when you just want to head in the water!

    If your like us and seeing waves on the South Coast can be a real rarity then why not invest in an Indo Board


    Christmas Sorted For the Surfers Indo Board Doodle (with Medium Roller & DVD)Indo Boards

    Offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities. The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the ground. Designed for fun while exercising the core muscles involved in balance.

    If your still unsure then check out our range of apparel to keep him / her looking good out of the water.  Mens clothing | Ladies clothing

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  • Guide to a Summer Wetsuit

    A Guide To Your Summer Wetsuit

    It looks like the warmer weather is coming and with the school holidays not too far away now either, some of you may be lucky enough to be heading west to Cornwall for a week or two! (jealous!)
    One of the main things that is a must on a holiday regardless of where you are is getting into the sea and have a go at Bodyboarding or surfing.
    So we thought we would give you a heads up on what might be ideal for our dear English sea. Below you will find a few wetsuits and bits and bobs that we have picked out and are quite popular amongst our customers and staff to make your time away that bit more awesome!

    What Does The 3/2mm Of Wetsuit Mean?
    All wetsuits we have picked are 3/2mm wetsuits ideal for the summer months. What does this mean you’re probably thinking? It simply means the 3mm part is the thickness in millimetres of the neoprene around the core of your body to keep your organs warmer. The 2mm area covers your legs and arms. The reason for the difference in thickness is simply so the thinner neoprene offers more flexibility so you can carry out the sport in hand with ease of movement.

    Starting with the kids, we have a wide range of colours for the O’Neill Reactors, both in  shorty and full length suits. These offer a full dose of performance for a great value with technology such as FluidFlexTM (improving the movement in the shoulders and sleeves), and an adjustable super seal neck with a YKK back zip to keep the water out and you warm. These suits are an ideal entry suit for anyone that wants to get in the water!

    Some of the O'Neill Reactors Avaliable O'Neill Kid Reactors

    Sunsuits for toddlers are perfect for wearing on the beach and dipping between the rock pools. They even offer UV protection so just like a rash vest would,  their skin is protected. With a back zip entry, they are a no hassle suit and won’t irritate. These are made out of neoprene and don’t offer the same warmth as a wetsuit would, but are a great all round suit. It’s ideal to get an O’Neill Toddler Reactor if you intend to head into the sea, these are 2mm thick and provide a bit more warmth.

    toddler-sunsuits-and-neopreneshorty Toddler Suits

    If you’re likely to give surfing a go then the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol is ideal. This suit is available in a chest zip or back zip style. Again another high quality suit for a great price. These suits are ultra-light with Rip Curls E4 neoprene offering all the stretch you need in the right places!  A great feature is the batwing system, this has been designed to combat those coldwater flushes (water entry) and get rid of the water so you can surf for longer without getting colder quicker.

    Rip Curl mens Dawn Patrols this way Rip Curl mens Dawn Patrol

    Finally ladies, there is the Womens O’Neill Bahia 3/2mm wetsuit. This suit was designed for those which wanted to bring beauty personality and confidence to the water. This suit is 100% super stretchy and has flatloc stitched seams so water can move in and out discreetly and most importantly keep you warm!

    O'Neill Womens Bahia Wetsuit O'Neill Womens Bahia Wetsuits a click away!

    All full length suits mentioned above have the right padding and support that your knees need to protect them from friction against the sand, pebbles or your board.

    Some people like to keep their feet warm too! We stock a range of boots and shoes for completing that summer holiday in the sea!

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  • Oi Rio Pro 2015 Low down


    Last week, you may or may not have been gluded to your screens to watch the Oi Rio Pro 2015 at Barra Da Tijuca.  What a week it was with the masses gathering to see some of the world’s finest surfers battling it out in the water for that all important spot.

    The men’s surfing saw Filipe Toledo from Brazil go head to head with Bede Durbidge from Australia.


    Filipe Toledo - Oi Rio 2015 Champion Oi Rio 2015 Champion, Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL

    Toledo managed to score a perfect ten with a no grab air-reverse and later a 9.87 to secure his win, bearing in mind the maximum score possible is 20, they definitely put on an awesome final with Durbidge scoring a few 7’s along the way too! Toledo was so grateful by the support on the beach and rightly so for a home country win! This leaves him second in the rankings with 25,700 points!

    Crowds at Oi Rio Crowds at Oi Rio Pro - Courtesy of WSL

    In particular the women’s event was exciting with Stephanie Gilmore (reigning champ) absent from the contest with a leg injury, this gave a great chance for Tyler Wright, Courtney Conlogue and Carissa Moore (to name a few) to make their way through the heats and into the quarter finals. We saw Carissa Moore do well in here rounds but was defeated in the semi-finals against Bianca Buitendag where Buitendag scored a total 13.50 taking her through to the finals.

    Oi Pro 2015 Champions - Courtney Conlogue and Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL Oi Pro 2015 Champions - Courtney Conlogue and Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL

    Wright and Conlogues semi-final wasn’t easy either, with the conditions of surf being small it was tricky to really showcase their talents. None the less they made do with what was available and fought through it to see Conlogue win her semi-final with a score of 13.50.
    Having won the Women's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, Conlogue managed to score 7.17 and 7.33 waves in amongst the final helping to boost her score and go on to win the Oi Rio Pro 2015.
    Thus helping her increase her ranking position with 31,700 points putting her second on the board.
    With Moore and Conlogue having two wins each this year already (Carissa Moore; Roxy Pro Gold Coast and Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells beach), Courtney is definitely one to watch as she moves up the rankings!
    The next stop is the Fiji Pro at the end of the month (May 31st ).

  • The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    Just had some words from Cliff Cox on his recent Groms comp – the pictures say it all – what a day well done to Cliff and the Judges for putting something back into local Surfing and bringing on the next generation of Surfers..

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Groms Comp took place last weekend.
    Waves were 2-3ft, windy but the sun was out and everyone put in a good performance.
    First in the water were the older cadets: Max, Alex, Liam and Alfie who all surfed well with Max Spicer coming home first with some great backhand sprays.
    Next up were the groms: River, Kristian, Morgan and Jack did well in a hard paddle against the rip with River Requina taking the honours.
    For the last division, we all walked to a sheltered beach where the mini groms, girls and boys competed together. Carris, Libby, Abbey, Devon, Curtis, Chay and Jago all went head to head. They all ripped but in the end Carris Hammond triumphed in the girls and Curtis “The Super Grom” won in the boys.
  • O'Neill Summer Wetsuit Collection 2014

    Time to check out the O'Neill Summer Wetsuit Collection 2014. From the ever popular O'Neill Epic, to the new O'Neill Hyperfreak through to the O'Neill Psycho 3, the O'Neill wetsuit collection never disappoints. Here's our rundown of the top styles:

    O'Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 3 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: O'Neill set an almighty standard when the Psycho series first came out (from day one our best selling premium suit was the Psycho 2) and now they have pushed the bar up another notch! The Psycho series is all about flexibility and performance. O'Neill have made the new Psycho 3 with their new Technobutter rubber, which is 17% lighter than before. Weight has also been reduced using a new narrower liquid sealed seam - the SuperSeam.  Not forgetting a cosy warm Firewall core and ZEN Zip system protecting the zip from coldwater flush. If your goal is to have the most flexible performance wetsuit on the market, then the Psycho 3 will not disappoint!


    O'Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 1 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Continuing it’s tradition and with the recent introduction of Technobutter neoprene, the Psycho 1 offers high-end quality at a great price. Holding less weight in the water and staying sealed, with classic fluid seam welding, plus featuring ZEN zip closure and back cape for an improved neck seal. This is the ideal suit for those who want to stay in the water as long as possible with effortless demands.


    O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Hyperfreak 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: New and exclusive for this summer, an exciting new design. The Hyperfreak is the most affordable ‘Techno-Butter’ neoprene suit on the market - this is the future! A quick drying, less water holding feel, Technobutter has proved time and again why it is the most durable neoprene that performs to the highest of standards. Featuring FUZE entry system this combination offers high end performance with an amazing price tag. Here at we urge you to consider this as your suit of choice this Summer!


    O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Superfreak 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Our best-selling chest zip at an amazing price! This wetsuit sells out fast, as our customers know great quality when they see and feel it in store. Front-Upper-Zip-Entry system (FUZE) for 100% water tight application, plus 100% UltraFlex neoprene - this suit feels effortless and keeps you going in the water for longer.


    O'Neill Gooru Wetsuit

     O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078      O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078     O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078  O'Neill	 O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Back by popular demand, for men that want extra performance, a lightweight feel and warmth in the water (at a decent price tag). The Gooru is the classic 4 way stretch wetsuit, featuring 100% lightweight stretch UltraFlex neoprene and internal Firewall thermal.


    O'Neill Epic Wetsuit

    O'Neill Epic 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: The best-selling all round summer GBS suit, the Epic is affordable, light and comfortable. Featuring a light thermal chest panel and top grade neoprene, The Epic is the go-to 3 season suit from Spring through to Autumn.

    O'Neill Wetsuits are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders or buy online from

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    email enquiries to

  • Winter Wetsuit Sale is ON!

    Have you been to check out our Winter Wetsuit Sale yet? We've reduced stacks of wetsuits from O'neill, Rip Curl, Xcel and C Skins so there's massive savings to be found!

    Winter Wetsuit Sale 1

    Our sale includes mens and womens wetsuits plus boots, gloves and hoods too! So you can get your full surfing set up for a bargain price!

    more cheap wetsuits

    Check out our top deals like the Rip Curl Flash Bomb with a whopping £70 off. Or the O'Neill Psychofreak in a massive £90 off! Get in quick as deals like this don't hang around on the shelves!

    wetsuit boots and gloves

    Winter wetsuit sale items are available in store at Ocean Sport Board Riders and online at

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  • O’Neill Wetsuits Winter 2014 Collection

    As one of the top names in wetsuits, O Neill Wetsuits are always the brand we eagerly await delivery of each season. Forever pushing forward neoprene and wetsuit technology, it’s always exciting to see that new features they’ve added to their wetsuit range, and the winter O Neill Wetsuits collection is another winner!

    When Jack O’Neill founded the company back in 1952 words like ‘Technobutter’ and ‘Firewall’ didn’t exist. Credited with inventing the wetsuit, that was exciting enough back then! Fast forward to their Winter 2014 season and you’ve got a full range of awesome wetsuits for all budgets and all watersports!

    Our surf guys have tried and tested the O Neill Wetsuits range for winter. Here’s our lowdown on the collection.

    The O’Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psychofreak 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit: If there’s one wetsuit that features everything you can sandwich in, then this is it! The Psychofreak is lighter and warmer than any of the other Technobutter range suits, yet it’s thinner….? Less is more and the Psychofreak is just that - it’s cooking, its flexible, try it believe it!

    The O'Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 3 5/3 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit: O'Neill set an almighty standard when the Psycho series first came out (from day one our best selling premium suit was the Psycho 2) and now they have pushed the bar up another notch! The Psycho series is all about flexibility and performance. O'Neill have made the new Psycho 3 with their new Technobutter rubber, which is 17% lighter than before. Weight has also been reduced using a new narrower liquid sealed seam - the SuperSeam.  Not forgetting a cosy warm Firewall core and ZEN Zip system protecting the zip from coldwater flush. If your goal is to have the most flexible performance wetsuit on the market, then the Psycho 3 will not disappoint!

    The O'Neill Psycho RG8 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho RG8 5/3mm Winter Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho RG8 Wetsuit: The O'Neill RG8 5/3 takes the Psycho series a step further using the FUZE front zip to maximise stretch in the upper body plus incorporating recycled materials. This wetsuit is at the forefront of wetsuit technology. If flexibility is everything and you want to start doing a bit more for the planet via your surfing, then look no further than the RG8 this winter.

    The O'Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit

    O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit: What started as the idea for a chest zip Psycho wetsuit became the RG8, which then demanded an upgrade to the new Technobutter neoprene. The result is the latest innovative chest zip winter suit – the Pyrotech. Lighter, stronger, super-sealed and featuring all the great Technobutter awesomeness of suit shredding weight and a new Technobutter Firewall lining too - we think this could be the surprise of the season!

    The O'Neill Mutant Wetsuit

    O'Neill Mutant 5/4 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Mutant Wetsuit: The O’Neill Mutant just got even better. Still offering the Modular hood closure system, the Mutant remains one of the most versatile cold water suits available, but with the introduction of full 100% Ultraflex neoprene throughout, this suits performance has been boosted, without compromising warmth. O’Neill have also updated the graphics and style of the Mutant for this season, and it looks great! If you need a go-to suit to seal out the cold this winter, you won’t find much better than the Mutant with its Modular Closure System and watertight Single Fluid Seam Welds.

    The O'Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 1 5/3 Wetsuit - O'Neill Wetsuits

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit:  The Psycho 1 is made from O'Neill's super-stretch premium Technobutter neoprene and loaded with features - all for just £200! It's a simple design, featuring a durable full double lined construction (so you know its gonna last). The Psycho 1 also features a barrier system to keep cold water from flushing the zip and standard back zip entry, meaning easy on and off if you're not a fan of chest zip wetsuits.  This is a staff favourite and one of the best performing winter wetsuits we have seen for the price.

    The O'Neill Hooded Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Hooded Superfreak Wetsuit: The Superfreak remains unrivalled in terms of performance and value for money, but is also now offered in a 5/4 hooded version for Winter 2013/14. The addition of the hood combined with O’Neill’s F.U.Z.E closure system makes for a super sealed and comfortable suit that with the increased thickness means this suit can still perform in even the coldest of conditions. We’re talking those deepest, darkest, winter sessions.  All this combined with the FluidFlex Firewall in the front chest and back ensure maximum heat retention along with wind protection. This is the warmest spec suit ever offered at this price range.

    The O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Wetsuits - Superfreak 5/3

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Superfreak Wetsuit: This is our staff favourite and already selling like hot cakes! A really clean design - smooth body panels to combat windchill and O'Neill's mega flexible chest zip design, giving great upper body flexibility, seams are sealed to keep cold water out and all this for £149.99. This, for us, makes the Super Freak Fuze 5/3mm this winter's bargain. Buy one now before our staff do!

    The O'Neill Epic Wetsuit

    O'Neill Wetsuits Epic 5/4

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Epic Wetsuit: The newly updated Epic series boasts some stylish new looks and colour ways along with some very credible features for winter 2013-14, whilst still keeping this suit bang on budget. First off, O’Neill have opted to construct the Epic series entirely from 100% Ultraflex neoprene, meaning greater flexibility and comfort than ever before seen at this price, and secondly they have combined this with increasing the suits thickness to 5/4mm. The result is a highly manoeuvrable suit that ensures maximum warmth. If you are on a budget, you aren’t going to find a more feature-full suit at this price to keep you warm in the water this winter.

    O Neill wetsuits are available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove, or online at For advice please call 01273 420142

    General enquiries please contact
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  • The HUGE O'Neill Wetsuit CLEARANCE

    Cheap O'Neill wetsuits alert! Forget deal of the week, this is the deal of the year! O'Neill wetsuits with up to 40% discount! WOW - a whopping £90 off the O'Neill Psycho RG8! We've got 3/2 summer wetsuits and 4/3 wetsuits in the offer, mens and womens too. So whether you're on the look out for a summer wetsuit, mid season wetsuit or something to see you through 3 seasons of surfing, it's well worth checking out.

    Bag yourself an O'neill Wetsuit BARGAIN and you'll pay just £79.99 for a mens or womens Epic 3/2 (that's cheaper than what you'd pay for a second hand eBay suit!!)

    Go for the awesome Gooru chest zip at £107.99 (25% off) or the O'Neill Psycho RG8 at £134.99 (40% off) and you're getting high end wetsuits for the price of an entry level suit.

    This is your chance to save a fortune on a wetsuit, or bag a much better spec wetsuit for your budget. And from the top name in wetsuits too, O'Neill! What a deal!

    Get in quick as these deals are first come first served!

    Our O'Neill wetsuit discount deal is available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or online at


  • Winter Wetsuit Collection + FREE Bag

    Ok winter is most definitely here! But how’s your winter wetsuit looking? Sprung a few leaks…? still in the bucket from last winter…? It’s cold and it’s payday soon, so treat yourself to a new winter wetsuit.

    We have C Skins, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel and Billabong - winter wetsuits from £64.99! Order any wetsuit from the WINTER WETSUIT GUIDE page (click HERE to view) and get free UK Mainland delivery PLUS we'll give you a FREE Rip Curl wetsuit bag to keep it in! Offer ends Monday 1st October. Bargains at

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  • 3 DAY FLASH DEAL! Cheap Summer Wetsuits

    3 DAY FLASH DEAL! Get in quick and get your cheap summer wetsuit! Current 2012 summer season mens and womens wetsuits from O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel, Billabong and C Skins are available at an exclusive 15% discount price for 3 DAYS ONLY!

    That’s the Rip Curl E Bomb Back Zip wetsuit down to just £178.49! The Billabong Revolution wetsuit £135.99, the C Skins Wired S2 wetsuit for £169.99 and the O’Neill Psycho 2 wetsuit for £212.49! WOW! Loads more deals too. Head over to our FLASH DEAL department to check out all the offers.

    Don’t forget – it’s free next working day delivery to UK Mainland too! Cheap wetsuits from this season, delivered FAST! 

    You’ve gotta get in quick though – this flash deal will EXPIRE on Monday 25th June 2012 at Midnight!!


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