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  • Great news for C-Skins as Glenn Hall joins their team

    For Micro the decision to align with a fresh new wetsuit company that manufactures world class wetsuits was a no brainer. After penning a 2 year deal, Glenn remarked “I'm thrilled to be on the C-Skins team and look forward to working with the crew to keep up the amazing quality of wetsuits they already manufacture. Knowing I will be wearing the best wetsuits, boots and gloves this year makes me more confident than ever competing at all the coldwater spots on tour.”  

    C-SKINS have said that “Micro’s talent and pure drive is unquestioned. We are stoked to align ourselves with such a great talent and we look forward to going forward with Glenn as one of the key players in our International Team”

    Glenn Hall C Skins

    Micro was born and raised in Australia and remains a proud Aussie, but his decision to surf under the Irish flag has meant he is the first surfer to fly the Irish flag on the ASP WCT. In a recent interview on, Hall states that he is proud of both his Irish and Australian heritage and when the opportunity to surf for Ireland came up a few years ago he liked the idea of representing the country and trying to give the younger generation in Ireland someone to follow in competitive surfing.

    Micro wants to get the most out of his equipment and wetsuits is a key part of this. “Micro’s ability to relay feedback on our wetsuits and test our product will also help keep C-SKINS at the forefront of wetsuit design & innovation and as the wetsuit of choice for core surfers”.

  • McNamara's record breaking surf on 100ft wave!

    Garrett McNamara does it again! Not content with his previous record 78ft wave at the Billabong XXL back in 2011, it seems he's beaten it with a ridiculous surf of 100ft wave!

    Fearless (and some might say insane) McNamara, 45, surfed his way into the record books again on Monday, surfing the monster wave just off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, said of the feat "Personally, it was very challenging. You just have to stay in the moment, stay focused on what you're doing. We're really comfortable here, but some of those waves..."

    “It’s the most challenging, dangerous wave I’ve ever surfed – it’s the only place in the world in which a giant canyon reaches all the way to the beach.

    “I was totally in the moment. PCP – present, connected and protected.

    “When I got on the board and they pulled me up with tow rope everything just felt right, it was like magic.”

    See below for photo of Garrett McNamara surfing record breaking wave

    Although the record break is not yet official, from the photos it's clear McNamara's surf was a pretty insane ride!

    Experts are now analysing the size of the wave to verify claims the record has been broken.

    Miguel Sousinha, president of Nazaré Qualifica, said: “The Garrett McNamara team believes that the wave surfed Monday is higher than the one of 2011, but to avoid any controversy we asked two surfers who certify the Billabong XXL to confirm the size of the wave, before we talk about a new record.”

    Either way, McNamara, we salute you!

  • Hawaii surfer reunited with GO PRO camera after a year!

    A Hawaiian surfer is reunited with a lost Go Pro camera after a YEAR! Dennis Curry lost the Go Pro action camera (which he had borrowed from a friend) a year ago while surfing when a strong wave took it out, along with his watch that also broke off. He later found the watch in a reef, but had written off ever finding the camera.

    A year down the line Army Chaplain Don Eubank was returning from a night dive and noticed the case of the Go Pro washed up on South Shore of Oahu. Amazingly, despite being under water for such a length of time, the camera still worked and Eubank discovered 51 video clips of a mystery guy surfing.

    He posted a screenshot of the guy in the clips on Craigslist and was contacted by Robin Bond Jr, wanting to help with the search to find the mystery surfer in the videos. With an extensive friend list of surfers on Facebook, Bond posted a plea out on his profile and within hours the photo had been matched up to Dennis Curry.

    Reunited with the camera he never expected to see again, Curry vows to use a leash and floatation device (Go Pro Floaty Back Door) next time he takes out the camera for a surf!

    Click the link below to see the Hawaii News bulletin for the full story......... awesome

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