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  • Starboard Tiki Tour - at Paddle Round the Pier

    Starboard Tiki Tour - at Paddle Round the Pier

    Brighton’s Paddle Round the Pier is this weekend and we have a big Stand in the Paddle village with Paddleboardings elite brands Starboard and Red Paddle Company.

    Starboard Tiki Tour at Paddle Round the Pier

    Come and see us on the stand and check out the latest SUP Boards and Paddles – This year Starboard are bringing a demo fleet of Astro inflatable boards for you test and we will also have some amazing event deals too - so you won’t want to miss this… get involved and on the water this weekend at Paddle Round the Pier; Europe’s largest Free Beach Festival.. For more info check out :

    To give you a bit of a heads up if you haven’t heard of the festival, a small group of surfers got together back in the day to bring together and evolve what is known now as the world’s largest free charity beach festival with a whopping 50,000+ visitors on average a year. Over the two days be it on land or in the water (4th & 5th July) there is something for everyone to see and do. The event supports some fantastic charities so come and get involved.



  • A GoPro in action as you have never seen it before

    The GoPro commonly used for action sports underwater, mid-air or down the side of a mountain.

    A great bit of kit for capturing those truly unique and quite frankly awesome moments. And that’s just what David Kalb did, involving watermelons, fire and of course hotdogs in the video below…



    go-pro-boardriders-blog GoPro | Backyard Trick Shot Golf

    So whether you think this video is plan crazy! Or has enthused you to get in on the GoPro and its antics just take a look at the range of camera’s and accessories we have available online.

    Heading out in the surf this summer? GoPro Surf Mounts are ideal for taking memorable moments whilst above or below the water whether you’re on a Surfboard, Kayak or SUP.

    Maybe you’re snorkeling, be sure to grab yourself a GoPro Floaty Backdoor. This clever floatation devise keeps your camera afloat if you drop it in the water or even let go of your camera! Or perhaps your biking in the mountains or karting around the desert, whatever it is your up to, we have a range of mounts available, chest, head, helmet, handle and bar mounts to make sure that your capturing those memories to reminiscence on.

    If you've captured something and think it's worth a share, send it in to us at:

    If you need any further advise or info drop us a call 01273 420142 and a member of our team will be more then happy to assist you =].


  • Paddle is Upon Us!

    Paddle Is Upon Us!

    The legendary Paddle Round The Pier (PRTP) festival is just over a week away, the weekends antics will see thousands descend on Hove Lawns for the world’s biggest , all for charity FREE beach and watersports festival.

    If you don’t know about PRTP, summer of 1996 a small group of surfers decided to bring together the surfing community in a social seafront event which would raise money for charity at the same time. From the 50 people who attended the first “Paddle”, the event has evolved in to what is now regarded as the world’s largest free charity beach festival, with approximate visitor numbers of 50,000+ people!

    paddle-from-the-start Paddle Round the Pier | Back in the Day

    This huge festival in 2014 will boast, amongst other things:

    • The Main Music Stage,
    • Skate & BMX Ramps,
    • Ukulele Stage,
    • Kids Stage,
    • Parkour,
    • Surf Life Saving Competitions,
    • SUP Races, and
    • The Title Event “Paddle Round The Pier”.

    Ocean Sports will be there sharing a stand with Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Company the World’s leading Inflatable Paddle Board Brand, also on stand will be Jock and Ruby from Tribal Wave Sup and Kate and Jamie from What Sup Shoreham,so if you still haven’t been on an paddle board come by and say hi and see what the world’s fastest growing water sport is all about…!

    skate Paddle Round the Pier | Skate Jam

    Don’t miss the Skate action too – The 8ft Midi ramp is back this year – This has been totally funded by Paddle Organisers as all your favourite skate brands said no to supporting it so please chuck a £1 in the collection bucket when you see one - don’t miss the Shoreham Vs Level Army Skate Jam at 2pm on Saturday – when the area’sbest locals will go head to head on the Mini ramp.

    We are also sponsoring the Legendary Turn and Burn Slalom Skateboard Competition on the sea front so if you think you have been fast on a skateboard think again when you see these guys race from 11am on both days.

    Why not take part in the Pier to Pier Race. If you think you’re the fastest at paddling?!  Challenge your friends and you could WIN A SURF TRIP TO MOROCCO!

    On Saturday 5th July 2014, surfers will paddle their longboards between the vintage piers in Brighton in a charity race to be crowned 2014 Pier to Pier champion!

    What better way to settle the argument about who is the strongest at paddling than to race for charity and race for prizes?!

    Or maybe you just want to test yourself against some competition?

    Or perhaps you want to have fun and paddle between these two iconic landmarks, whilst raising money for some worthwhile causes?

    Grab your longboard, paddle hard and you could win:

    First Prize: A SURF TRIP IN MOROCCO!

    surf-berbere First Prize | Win A Surf Trip in Morocco

    Second Prize: O’Neill Gooru 3/2 Wetsuit

    Third Prize: £50 Cash Prize

    The charity race is run as part of the world’s largest free beach festival “Paddle Round The Pier”, which returns to Brighton on 5th and 6th July 2014.

    For more info log onto:

    For the Pier2Pier race all competitors must pre-register by contacting before June 27th 2014.

  • Red Paddle Co’s Inflatable SUP + a Tractor = ????

    What happens when you cross an inflatable paddle board and a tractor? A massive bang? A deflated paddle board? or an unhappy boarder?

    Infact none of the above! What you do get is durability, stability and quite frankly a damn good product for your buck! And the guys at Red Paddle Co show just that in their video, putting a Red Inflatable SUP through hardcore testing - throwing off a roof, driving over with a tractor and leaving it to wash up on gnarly looking rocks with no damage to the board!

    toughest inflatable SUP

    Inflatable items are associated with punctures and deflation, which honestly is the last thing you want when out in the water. So to get rid of this stereotypical hype, the brains behind Red Paddle Co looked at how to sort just that.

    Come on take me on! from Red Paddle Co on Vimeo.

    So how does this work?

    Know as "TechAir",  the highest quality material is used, aka the drop stitch which is placed inside the inflatable board to create a stronger core. Red Paddle Co boards are in fact 2 boards in 1, so an additional layer is added to create a firmer more efficient outer shell followed by the rails receiving 4 layers of taping, removing any fear of deflation!
    Then, through the process of building a rocker into the board, the SUP is built to perform providing a faster and more efficient product then a hard SUP.  How is this done?  Well the board is placed onto a specially built surface where a top later is then laminated followed by a high pressure roller being pushed over the board fixing the rocker which is then left to set and....voila!

    The race models such as the Red 14'0 Race Elite operate with removable battens in the rails to enable ease of storage - loverly!

    And they’ve even catered for vanity too! Infact they look pretty awesome.

    So there you have it, the Red inflatable SUP's not only look good, they're tough as you can get, plus being inflatable you can deflate and stick it in a backpack (now with wheels), so you can take 'em anywhere!

    Be sure to check out our Red Paddle Co Range, with package deals starting from just £649 including delivery*

    *subject to availability. Free delivery to UK Mainland only

  • Paddle Round the Pier 2013

    The weather is looking AMAZING for Paddle Round the Pier this weekend - Brighton's largest free beach event! We've been excited for months, but the heatwave in session set's us up for one of the best PRTP's yet!

    Ever caught skateboarders whizzing and weaving between cones? It's rad, so rad we had to get involved. We'll be co-sponsoring this years Turn & Burn Slalom Skateboard Comp, so make sure you come down and check it out. With digital timers and ramp starts, you'll witness some of the UK's fastest slalom skateboarders going head to head through the cones on Hove seafront!

    There's still time to take part too - just sign up by 11:00 on Saturday 6th July on Hove promenade. The Turn & Burn Slalom races will run between 11:00 – 16:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

    We'll also be on the Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Co stand all weekend. Come and check out the World's best-selling inflatable SUP, or some of the amazing Starboard range. We'll have special offers running over the weekend too. Grab a flyer and get a free paddle with any SUP or free wetsuit boots with any full wetsuit purchased!

    Want to know more about what's going on at Paddle Round the Pier? Here's the link:

    We'll see you down there!

  • Dr Mika Peck set to SUP the Amazon!

    How about Dr Mika Peck from Brighton University leading an intrepid trip down the Amazon the first people to do this on a SUP too..! Using the amazing Red inflatable SUP's for travelling ease the aim is to raise funds for rainforest conservation projects while increasing awareness of the challenges facing the people and wildlife of the Amazon region. Dr Peck will be keeping a blog of the team’s adventures as they paddle along the river through Ecuador, Peru and Colombia to the border with Brazil.

    Dr Peck says: “The Amazon is a wonder of the world that shows off nature in all its glory. The beauty of descending it using paddle boards means that we can get up close and personal with the river’s natural treasures, such as river dolphins, tapirs, birdlife and primates.

    “We’ll be camping by night on the river bank or staying with indigenous communities. At the end of the trip the paddle boards will be used to survey wildlife in the Amazon's flooded forests – in particular night monkeys – to determine impacts to wild populations from illegal trade.”

    To get into training for the epic voyage, Dr Peck has been paddling away in the sea off Shoreham and along the River Arun in Sussex, although according to Dr Peck, “the Arun probably has more teashops than the Amazon”.

    While not expecting to encounter the more “glamorous” hazards of anacondas, piranhas and alligators during their river trek, the team will have to beware of dehydration, sunburn and the increased risk of infection through open wounds.

    Mika is taking GoPro Hero 3 Camera on-board to capture some of the amazing adventure… The team will take a month to complete the trip, travelling 80km a day and encountering numerous challenges along the way before reaching their destination.

    Follow the Stand up for Amazon blog here:

    Find out more about Mika's SUP mission here:


  • What's it called when you're on a surfboard with a paddle?

    You know when you stand on surfboard with paddle....... It seems to be the biggest mystery around at the moment... we're constantly asked in our surf shopwhat’s that thing called where you stand up on the surfboard?” and told “you know that thing where your on a surfboard and you’ve got a paddle…”. If you're amongst the many who have seen people standing on a surfboard with a paddle, but aren't too sure what they are actually doing, the answer is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short.stand up paddle boarding - SUP
    A friend of mine recently came back from honeymoon in Mauritius, having spent almost every day out at sea on a stand up paddle board – yet still came home without a clue what it was actually called! SUP has become one of the most fashionable watersports around – the world wants to do it, but the world doesn’t seem to know what it’s called!stand up paddle board SUP
    We’re not sure why the name is such a mystery, but we do know it’s a whole lotta fun. We’re big promoters of paddle boarding and have been championing SUP for years and it seems to have become more and more of the ‘buzz’ sport to do, probably because pretty much anyone can have a go! Stand up paddle boards can be riden as fast or slow paced as you like. Take your SUP out to sea and catch action packed waves, or head down to the river on a calm day and chill as you float along. Many watersports centres now offer SUP fitness classes too – it’s awesome for core strength!

    fitness on SUP
    With photos of the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo Di Caprio on their paddle boards in magazines, cruising along in the sun, it’s clear to see why everyones wondering what “that thing where you stand up on a surfboard” or “that thing I’ve seen the celebrities doing standing up on a board in the sea” is all about.

    Celebrity SUP - Pierce Brosnan, Rihanna & Leonardo Di Caprio
    So there you have it – the answer to the mystery “standing up on a surfboard thing” when you're on a surfboard with a paddle watersport is stand up paddle boarding AKA SUP! Now, get down to your nearest watersports centre and have a go!! You'll be addicted!

    stand up paddle boarding at sea
    If you’re after a quick “how to” for stand up paddle boarding, CLICK HERE and take a look at our How to SUP guide. Or pop into our retail shop Ocean Sports in Hove and have a chat with one of our SUP guys.

    SUP at sea
    Looking to buy a stand up paddle board online? CLICK HERE to head to our SUP department at where we stock Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Co SUP's.

  • Inflatable SUP's now in store!

    You asked - we listened! After the huge response to our Starboard SUP's in store we found loads of you calling and emailing to enquire about inflatable SUP's. the perfect solution if you don't have a van or roof rack to take a standard paddle board out and about.

    We took note and got on the case to get inflatable paddle boards in stock..... BUT they we're sold out from all suppliers across Europe! Eeek.. So, we've waited patiently, bugged the suppliers to get us top of the re-stock list and TA-DA!!! They've arrived! Welcome the Red Paddle Co 10'6 Horizon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

    Classic design at 10ft 6 size and comes in a carry bag, complete with pump. Great glide on flat water and fab for all the family to have a go. Features a special "air block" membrane which eliminates leakate - no loss of air pressure means you're out on the water longer. It's a robust double layer construction for strength, stiffness and consistent rocker shape. Red have dealt with the known area of weakness in inflatable boards - the rails (this is where the material is joined) - with Quadruple Rail Construction, so the rails are 4 x thicker than any other brand!

    Want to know more? Click here and view the full spec on the Red 10'6 Horizon Inflatable SUP

  • George Clooney & Sting get Starboard SUP's!

    Here's a little bit of celebrity gossip for your Monday morning... we're told by our supplier that A-listers Sting and George Clooney have just purchased themselves Starboard SUP boards!! Yep, the same stand up paddle boards we stock!

    SUP like a celebrity and check out our range of Starboard SUP's - now including the SUP Package Deal which includes a Starboard SUP, Red Paddle Co paddle, deckgrip and SUP leash for a package price of £849!

    Click here to view our range of Stand Up Paddle Boards & accessories

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