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Summer 2014

  • O'Neill Summer Wetsuit Collection 2014

    Time to check out the O'Neill Summer Wetsuit Collection 2014. From the ever popular O'Neill Epic, to the new O'Neill Hyperfreak through to the O'Neill Psycho 3, the O'Neill wetsuit collection never disappoints. Here's our rundown of the top styles:

    O'Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 3 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: O'Neill set an almighty standard when the Psycho series first came out (from day one our best selling premium suit was the Psycho 2) and now they have pushed the bar up another notch! The Psycho series is all about flexibility and performance. O'Neill have made the new Psycho 3 with their new Technobutter rubber, which is 17% lighter than before. Weight has also been reduced using a new narrower liquid sealed seam - the SuperSeam.  Not forgetting a cosy warm Firewall core and ZEN Zip system protecting the zip from coldwater flush. If your goal is to have the most flexible performance wetsuit on the market, then the Psycho 3 will not disappoint!


    O'Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 1 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Continuing it’s tradition and with the recent introduction of Technobutter neoprene, the Psycho 1 offers high-end quality at a great price. Holding less weight in the water and staying sealed, with classic fluid seam welding, plus featuring ZEN zip closure and back cape for an improved neck seal. This is the ideal suit for those who want to stay in the water as long as possible with effortless demands.


    O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Hyperfreak 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: New and exclusive for this summer, an exciting new design. The Hyperfreak is the most affordable ‘Techno-Butter’ neoprene suit on the market - this is the future! A quick drying, less water holding feel, Technobutter has proved time and again why it is the most durable neoprene that performs to the highest of standards. Featuring FUZE entry system this combination offers high end performance with an amazing price tag. Here at we urge you to consider this as your suit of choice this Summer!


    O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Superfreak 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Our best-selling chest zip at an amazing price! This wetsuit sells out fast, as our customers know great quality when they see and feel it in store. Front-Upper-Zip-Entry system (FUZE) for 100% water tight application, plus 100% UltraFlex neoprene - this suit feels effortless and keeps you going in the water for longer.


    O'Neill Gooru Wetsuit

     O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078      O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078     O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit - Deep Sea | 4078  O'Neill	 O'Neill Gooru 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: Back by popular demand, for men that want extra performance, a lightweight feel and warmth in the water (at a decent price tag). The Gooru is the classic 4 way stretch wetsuit, featuring 100% lightweight stretch UltraFlex neoprene and internal Firewall thermal.


    O'Neill Epic Wetsuit

    O'Neill Epic 3/2mm Wetsuit Lowdown: The best-selling all round summer GBS suit, the Epic is affordable, light and comfortable. Featuring a light thermal chest panel and top grade neoprene, The Epic is the go-to 3 season suit from Spring through to Autumn.

    O'Neill Wetsuits are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders or buy online from

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