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standing on surfboard with a paddle

  • What's it called when you're on a surfboard with a paddle?

    You know when you stand on surfboard with paddle....... It seems to be the biggest mystery around at the moment... we're constantly asked in our surf shopwhat’s that thing called where you stand up on the surfboard?” and told “you know that thing where your on a surfboard and you’ve got a paddle…”. If you're amongst the many who have seen people standing on a surfboard with a paddle, but aren't too sure what they are actually doing, the answer is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short.stand up paddle boarding - SUP
    A friend of mine recently came back from honeymoon in Mauritius, having spent almost every day out at sea on a stand up paddle board – yet still came home without a clue what it was actually called! SUP has become one of the most fashionable watersports around – the world wants to do it, but the world doesn’t seem to know what it’s called!stand up paddle board SUP
    We’re not sure why the name is such a mystery, but we do know it’s a whole lotta fun. We’re big promoters of paddle boarding and have been championing SUP for years and it seems to have become more and more of the ‘buzz’ sport to do, probably because pretty much anyone can have a go! Stand up paddle boards can be riden as fast or slow paced as you like. Take your SUP out to sea and catch action packed waves, or head down to the river on a calm day and chill as you float along. Many watersports centres now offer SUP fitness classes too – it’s awesome for core strength!

    fitness on SUP
    With photos of the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo Di Caprio on their paddle boards in magazines, cruising along in the sun, it’s clear to see why everyones wondering what “that thing where you stand up on a surfboard” or “that thing I’ve seen the celebrities doing standing up on a board in the sea” is all about.

    Celebrity SUP - Pierce Brosnan, Rihanna & Leonardo Di Caprio
    So there you have it – the answer to the mystery “standing up on a surfboard thing” when you're on a surfboard with a paddle watersport is stand up paddle boarding AKA SUP! Now, get down to your nearest watersports centre and have a go!! You'll be addicted!

    stand up paddle boarding at sea
    If you’re after a quick “how to” for stand up paddle boarding, CLICK HERE and take a look at our How to SUP guide. Or pop into our retail shop Ocean Sports in Hove and have a chat with one of our SUP guys.

    SUP at sea
    Looking to buy a stand up paddle board online? CLICK HERE to head to our SUP department at where we stock Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Co SUP's.

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