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  • Red Paddle Co’s Inflatable SUP + a Tractor = ????

    What happens when you cross an inflatable paddle board and a tractor? A massive bang? A deflated paddle board? or an unhappy boarder?

    Infact none of the above! What you do get is durability, stability and quite frankly a damn good product for your buck! And the guys at Red Paddle Co show just that in their video, putting a Red Inflatable SUP through hardcore testing - throwing off a roof, driving over with a tractor and leaving it to wash up on gnarly looking rocks with no damage to the board!

    toughest inflatable SUP

    Inflatable items are associated with punctures and deflation, which honestly is the last thing you want when out in the water. So to get rid of this stereotypical hype, the brains behind Red Paddle Co looked at how to sort just that.

    Come on take me on! from Red Paddle Co on Vimeo.

    So how does this work?

    Know as "TechAir",  the highest quality material is used, aka the drop stitch which is placed inside the inflatable board to create a stronger core. Red Paddle Co boards are in fact 2 boards in 1, so an additional layer is added to create a firmer more efficient outer shell followed by the rails receiving 4 layers of taping, removing any fear of deflation!
    Then, through the process of building a rocker into the board, the SUP is built to perform providing a faster and more efficient product then a hard SUP.  How is this done?  Well the board is placed onto a specially built surface where a top later is then laminated followed by a high pressure roller being pushed over the board fixing the rocker which is then left to set and....voila!

    The race models such as the Red 14'0 Race Elite operate with removable battens in the rails to enable ease of storage - loverly!

    And they’ve even catered for vanity too! Infact they look pretty awesome.

    So there you have it, the Red inflatable SUP's not only look good, they're tough as you can get, plus being inflatable you can deflate and stick it in a backpack (now with wheels), so you can take 'em anywhere!

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  • George Clooney & Sting get Starboard SUP's!

    Here's a little bit of celebrity gossip for your Monday morning... we're told by our supplier that A-listers Sting and George Clooney have just purchased themselves Starboard SUP boards!! Yep, the same stand up paddle boards we stock!

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