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  • Brighton marathon runners...look for us when you hit 'The Wall'

    There's an extra buzz around town at the moment in the run up (pardon the pun) to the Brighton Marathon this weekend - good luck to everyone taking part. Our retail shop Ocean Sports are sponsoring 'The Wall' to raise money for the Kenya Project, set up by City College, Brighton.

    'The Wall' is basically a giant wall, based on the concept that most runners hit 'a wall' around 20 miles into a marathon run. Bigger than a double decker bus 'The Wall' is being built by City College's Carpentry Department using around 300 metres of timber and 20 litres of paint! Check out last years footage below - pretty impressive!

    YouTube Link:

    Of course 'The Wall' is in part to motivate runners and spur them on toward the finish line, while spectators cheer them on from the sidelines, but it's also to raise money for a very worthy cause set up by students and staff at City College, Brighton - the Kenya Project. Last year 23 students and staff flew to one of the poorest areas of Kenya to help build homes and basic infrastructure - making a real difference to the lives of the local community. The Carpentry Department are set to head back out to Nakuru, Kenya this year and we we're more than happy to get on board, sponsoring 'The Wall'.

    So if you're in the area or taking part in the Brighton Marathon yourself, look out for the Ocean Sports sign when you hit 'The Wall'. Good luck to all runners this Sunday - listen out for us cheering you on too :-)


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