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  • The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    Just had some words from Cliff Cox on his recent Groms comp – the pictures say it all – what a day well done to Cliff and the Judges for putting something back into local Surfing and bringing on the next generation of Surfers..

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Groms Comp took place last weekend.
    Waves were 2-3ft, windy but the sun was out and everyone put in a good performance.
    First in the water were the older cadets: Max, Alex, Liam and Alfie who all surfed well with Max Spicer coming home first with some great backhand sprays.
    Next up were the groms: River, Kristian, Morgan and Jack did well in a hard paddle against the rip with River Requina taking the honours.
    For the last division, we all walked to a sheltered beach where the mini groms, girls and boys competed together. Carris, Libby, Abbey, Devon, Curtis, Chay and Jago all went head to head. They all ripped but in the end Carris Hammond triumphed in the girls and Curtis “The Super Grom” won in the boys.
  • Bowl skateboarding, young skaters and our boy Marley

    One of our young skate team riders get's himself noticed again - see Wonder Rollers link at the bottom. Great to see him sporting his Ocean Sports tee too :-)

    A small documentation on how the interest of bowl skateboarding has increased in the young skaters of today. More and more concrete bowls are being poured and with companies making wider skateboards it would be stupid not to make the most of them. 

    This is Marley, a local skater from Shoreham. At the age of 7 its amazing what he’s able to do on his skateboard which as you can see is almost the same size as him. Hopefully his interest in skateboarding will remain healthy and i’m sure you will see him shredding in years to come.

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