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  • World's Wakeboarders Descend on the Albert Dock

    Liverpool’s Albert Dock is set to be transformed on Saturday 8th June as the world’s best wakeboarders descend on the city for the first time, to compete in Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013. Get down there from 2pm for the chance to witness 14 of the sport’s most elite athletes, alongside two British wildcard entries, performing a series of spectacular tricks - it's "set to be the contest’s biggest year yet".

    The set up will be purpose-built wake course will test the riders’ agility and technical abilities to the max, as they fly across jumps and platforms inspired by Liverpool’s industrial heritage.

    You don't need us to tell you that wakeboarding is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports. For those of you that haven't rubber necked the events down at Hove Lagoon when driving past, it's from surfing and waterskiing, the wakeboard is towed along at speed by a fixed cable or motorboat enabling the rider to skim along the water launching in to a series of jumps and stunts. Pretty rad!

    Riders ready for the challenge include 2012 Red Bull Harbour Reach champion, Dominik Hernler and British pro Marc Rossiter. Plus theres two wildcard entries selected from thirty up-and-coming wakeboarders who've been invited to take part in “The Road To Harbour Reach” - a four-stop tour of wake parks across the UK.

    Dominik Hernler commented “Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013 is set to be the biggest event yet, with a high profile list of world class riders on the invite list. Liverpool's Albert Docks will be a whole new challenge and the course design looks really big and complex. It's also great that young talent are being offered the chance to step up and compete alongside the world's best and hopefully demonstrate just what they have to offer here in the UK.”

    Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013 begins at 2pm at the Albert Dock, Liverpool on Saturday 8th June. Heats start at 2pm and the final will take place at 4pm. Entry is free to spectators (we love a freebie right).

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