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Quiksilver Cypher Vest

  • Quiksilver Cypher Vests Have Arrived!

    At last we've received a full range of the new Quiksilver Cypher Heated Vests. If you tried to get one last year you'll know they sold like hot cakes(or vests…!).

    Quiksilver Wetsuits have produced an amazing garment that can be worn under your wetsuit and at the press of a button radiates instant warmth into your core.. The rechargeable battery lasts 2 hours on “high” and the Cypher Vest comes with car charger and wall charger to keep you in action! The snug 7oz Polypro Quiksilver vest uses FAR infra-red heat technology, which cooks up a cosy 129 degrees on high setting and 116 deg on the low setting. Click here for more information.

    We're fully behind this technology - we see it as the most versatile on the market, as it allows you to heat up your suit in frigid conditions and get more use out of a thinner suit, but there's also nothing stopping you using the Quiksilver Cypher Vest under a snowboard jacket or while cycling....

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