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  • Protect with Pro-Tec

    Skateboarding, BMXing or even Snowboarding all have one thing in common to keep you safe yet still carry out the sport you love and that is….protection.

    Pro-Tec are no new kids on the block to this business, with over 40 years of protective heritage in action sports these guys understand how important it is to keep you safe yet give off some style!

    Here at Boardriders HQ we have just got our hands on some Pro-Tec Classics Helmets, some collaborating with the likes of Independent and Steve Caballero and even features such as Glow in the Dark!

    Taking a look at these beauty’s these helmets all maintain the Classic style and the EPS foam for protection.

     Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the dark
    This helmet has the retro stripes and the helmet shell itself lets off a green glow when it gets that little bit darker.

     Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet - Caballero

    Steve Caballero Edition
    The Caballero helmet has a monster style image towards the back of the helmet and even comes with some stickers!

    Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet - Independent

    Independent Collab
    This helmet collaborated with Independent has red EPS foam inside the helmet and features the Independent branding along the front of the helmet and towards the back of the helmet too!

    Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Satin Black   Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Matte Grey

    ProTec Classic Helmet - Blue Retro   Pro Tec Street Lite Helmet - Navy Blue

    The Classics
    In true classic style, these come in a variation of colours from Matt to Satin to suit your preference!

    The great thing about the Pro-Tec helmets is they can be used for multiple sports from concrete to snow all with the same principle of keeping you safe enabling you to keep innovating, expressing and progressing!

    Catch the helmets here:
    Glow in the dark



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