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  • What's the craze with Paddleboarding?

    Paddleboarding for many is a favourite past time and particularly around the South coast when the waves, well what waves?
    Paddleboarding, Supping, they’re the same thing, defined as a large board that is buoyant enough to stand on and with the help of a paddle, will get you around the water.

    Paddleboarding is growing fast in the UK and the beauty of it is you’re not restricted to just to the sea, oh no, it’s ideal for exploring lakes, rivers and canals so you can get yourself on a real adventure.

    sup-yoga SUP yoga

    Originating back in Hawaii in 1778, boards were made from Koa trees and tended to be at least 5 metres long! This requiring a paddle to get out into the waves – Since then we have seen the sport evolve with inflatable boards on the market by brands Starboard and RedPaddleCo.  Even so that yoga classes can be held on these boards out in the water!

    To get a real insight as to why Paddleboarding is growing we asked shop customer Paul just why he loves Paddleboarding.

    Why did you start Paddleboarding?

    Before I started paddleboarding, I´d only seen it on the shores of California.  I then decided to learn to paddle board with local surf guru, ´Jock Paterson´-, that was July 2011. I´d tried surfing whilst living in Portugal and I was also Wakeboarding and Windsurfing, so thought why not SUP. The rest is history.

    Benefits of Paddleboarding to you?

    I love being in the water and on the water. It is also very sociable too. Me and my friends often meet up to either cruise on the open sea or on the River Adur. The health benefits are great too, lots of fresh air and an all over body workout. I can also use my SUP to feed my other hobbies too. I like to anchor and fish from my SUP and make GoPro videos for fun to share with family and friends.

    What equipment do you have?

    I have 5 SUP boards including two inflatables. My inflatables are more for family fun and for friends to use. They are, a huge fat ´Red Paddle Mega, 10´8´and a lovely light ´Starboard Astro Whopper, 10´6"´. I have 3 hard composite SUP´s , a ´Starboard Big Easy ´10 6´which is my perfect all rounder, it cruises well and surfs. A ´Starboard Ace Pro´ 14´, this is my flat water race board, it´s perfect when the conditions are super glassy on the water, it´s an older race board, but cuts and glides well in the right conditions. Finally I have a ´Fatstick 7´2", this is my sons board who is only 5 years old, it´s very light and a perfect size for his skills right now.

    red-sup-inflatable-10-8-white Red 10'8 Ride Inflatable Standup Paddle Board


    I use the `Glass, 3 piece Red Paddle´ for fun and surf, they are super strong, extremely light and have super flexibility when paddling hard. My son uses the kids mini ´Red Paddle ‘paddle. My personal paddle of choice and my most extravagant purchase is the ´Yolo Pro Elite´. ´Spear´ paddle, designed by my friend EJ Johnson. Engineered by master craftsman and elite racer EJ Johnson. This unique design has been developed over the last 6 years with various models, shapes and tests. This new blade is 8.5" wide and 16" long (95 square inches) and weighs only 17 oz. It has a dihedral running all the way down the power side, and the top having a single concave at the tip. The two combined, achieves a solid plant, and fast release. A race-winner on numerous occasions this year already. The handle has a spongy texture too, so no blisters so far. It´s even more super light, stronger and hits the spot.

    red-sup-paddle_glass_3piece_4_1 Red Glass 3 Piece Travel SUP Paddle


    SUP Accessories
    I have must have gadgets too! I use the ´Red Paddle´cargo nets' on my Inflatable SUP´s, these are great for storing other gadgets, like a waterproof bag, anchor, fishing equipment, drinks, etc. I sometimes attach a mooring line too to the back of my SUP´s when cruising for extra safety. I always use a tangle free SUP leash too, nothing to long that would cause drag in the water. The ´Red Paddle´waterproof bag is great also, you don't need any cargo net, it just clips onto the plastic rings of the `Red Paddle & Starboard´inflatables. The cool thing about this waterproof bag is that you can put your pump in it if you are going on a one way SUP adventure. Finally I have all the surf\SUP mount GoPro accessories for attaching your GoPro to your paddle and board. Almost forgot the apparel. A good warm wetsuit, boots and gloves if it´s cold. I wore a 5mm wetsuit this winter and 7mm boots to keep me warm.

    Where have you been Paddleboarding?

    Click the location to check them out.

    'The shores of ´Brighton & Hove'    ´River Adur´   ´Nassau, Bahama´s'  

    ´Long Beach, California, USA   ´Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong'

    'Dubai'   'Phoenix, AZ, USA'

    Advise to those wanting to try Paddleboarding for the first time?

    If you´ve never tried stand up paddle before and want to try, just do it. Have a lesson first with a qualified instructor. Ask around for an instructor with the best experience, which is normally your local SUP/surf Guru. They will show you the best technique on how to stand up and get your first initial balance and the safest way to fall if you lose your balance. If you decide to go it alone, always tell someone where you are heading, take a phone with you and some water.

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