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  • Inflatable SUP board guide

    Inflatable SUP board guide


    Inflatable SUP or Hard Board – that’s the question..?

    Buying an inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) board primarily should not be seen as a compromise on performance, quality or aesthetics. Inflatables
    are far outselling hard boards in the UK because of some serious practical benefits that don’t leave you feeling like you are missing out on some hard board fun.


    Having to transport an inflatable SUP consists of a few simple options, chuck it on your back, wheel it down to the water, put it in the boot of your car or cycle down wearing it like a rucksack. The ease of getting from home to the beach with an inflatable is massively different to the hassle of a larger hard SUP board and is one reason why these are a perfect SUP

    These boards love to travel, the board deflates and rolls up into the wheeled bag for ease of transit. The Red Paddle Bag has been specifically designed for airline regulations and the bag can take the board, pump and paddle and still weigh in at under 20kg, again under most airlines weight restrictions.  Red Paddle have thought of everything…

    So when you book your summer sun, just add an extra suitcase and now you can Paddle board around the world!

    Setting up

    Pump and go time for an inflatable is super quick….fact. With the new Red Paddle Co Titan 2 cylinder pump you can have your SUP inflated and
    on the water with 8-12 minutes at a leisurely pace. This pump is the best in the business and can get that board inflated to the desired PSI in no time for a cruise or surf.


    If you own an 11ft hard SUP board then it will always be 11ft, the travel bag that the Red Paddle inflatable comes in can live under the stairs, corner of the garage or keep it in the boot of the car so you are always ready. These options make paddle boarding way more accessible for people without outdoor or garage storage, as all you need is the same space as a suitcase.

    Also you don’t have to deflate every time you use your board if you can get to and from the beach or storage is not an issue – just leave it inflated for the season and deflate when the weather turns… We have had customers that have never deflated their boards since the day they bought them.

    SUP Family and Kids

    The nature of an inflatable board is to sit higher in the water and have more buoyancy, which means they are perfect for the family as a couple of kids can go out on the water, you can take the kids out or even the dog! The soft and super durable construction is suited for kids, rather than the unforgiving construction of a hard board, the last thing you want to happen is the kids getting bonked on the head with a hard board. There isn’t any need to be so precious with an Inflatable SUP on land either, whereas hard boards can easily get dinged on hard surfaces if the kids get hold of them!


    Durability – How strong is an inflatable board..?

    We think these boards are bomb proof..! Red Paddle have thrown one off a warehouse roof just for it to laugh at them and bounce around. After this attempt they had a cherry picker drive over it and still nothing. To
    date we have not had one return in the shop from the last few years of
    stocking, selling, paddling and loving these inflatables. These indestructible boards are perfect for a long term purchase for the entire family to go and use without any worry.

    With an inflatable board sitting a little higher in the water,  if you go for a board with that little extra volume for the family, then they are perfect for a couple of kids to go out on the water or take the kids out with you.

    So why only Red Paddle Inflatables Boards

    Red Paddle are a British Company based in Devon – we have backed them from the outset. They pioneered inflatable boards from day one so they
    made the mistakes back in the day that some leading brands are still making today. Clever innovations like the 15% lighter MSL construction, wheeled travel bag, the amazing Titan pump to all products being designed for airline travel make them always one step ahead of the rest and especially suited to what the UK market wants.

    I’ve seen a much one cheaper on Ebay…

    With the phenomenal success of inflatable paddle boards many factories in the Far East that make other inflatable products have jumped on the band wagon and started producing SUPS, they look similar and feel similar – its only when you try one you will realise the difference. One way of making an inflatable SUP cheaper is to use one single layer of construction – this reduces weight, durability but also stiffness which means it will be like standing on a banana as soon as you are on the water and it could be easier to puncture.

    In our opinion there are two types of paddleboards cheap ones and decent ones and nothing in the middle is worth the compromise – We all
    ride Red boards too!

  • Why Try Surfing

    Why try surfing?


    Surfing has been around for hundreds of years, for many a past time to get out in the water and have fun. We are lucky enough to have beaches all over the UK that enable us to take part in such a sport!  As part of our try something new week, we spoke with local surfer Morgan to see why she loves the sport.

    why try surfing Morgan Surfing

    What made you want to surf?
    I wanted to surf because my dad would go surfing and not see any teenage girls, so I saw it as a challenge to give it a go.

    Why do you love surfing?
    I love surfing because it gives you a feeling like no other, its almost a stress relief and really helped me during my exams at school.

    why-try-surfing Morgan Surfing

    Any advice for those wanting to give surfing a go?
    To someone that wanted to surf I would say, enjoy yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere and the more fun you have the better!

    If you think its something you would like to try pop into our shop and speak to a member of our team that will happily put you in the right direction.

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  • Spring Break Kaunertal, Austria 2016

    Spring Break Kaunertal, Austria 2016

    Spring Break Kaunertal, Austria 2016 | Just when you thought its time to pack up your snowboarding kit, with all the snow clearing the peaks of Europe,  there’s always one annual trip that must be attended, the ‘Spring Break’ UK snowboard test is the last call for those final laps in the sun!

    Held just an hour’s drive from Innsbruck within the Tirol valley resort of Kaunertal / Austria, lies the Kaunertal glacier awaiting the arrival of 300 folks from the UK.
    Here industry riders, brands, shops staff and regular snowboarders gather to test and ride all of next season’s kit from boards, boots, and bindings as well as a whole heap of cool kit.
    Now in its tenth year the ‘Spring Break’ is as memorable as ever, friends are made, good times are shared as the UK snowboard community bands together for 7 days of spring fun shredding!

    Spring Break Kaunertal, Austria 2016 Mark with the Capita Defender Of Awesome 2016 / 2017

    Being my third trip, I’d now like to think of myself as a ‘Spring Break veteran', I’ve shared this trip with many others, for whom too have now revisited this stunning area of Austria.
    This time id brought along my friend ‘Alex’ who was visiting his first mountain range after just a few trips at the indoor snowdomes.
    So I knew this trip would be really good to get a wide variety of kit tested from beginners to higher end models.

    Traditionally ‘Spring Break’ is thought to feature slushy, clear riding conditions, yet due to late heavy dumps of snow after the season’s end our experience was anything but!
    Experiencing every condition imaginable 3000m up was quite an ordeal, from heavy snow storms, bad visibility to a lucky clearing of sunshine breaks on our last day; we were put through it all to enjoy what was available to us.
    Yet when you have just three days of riding and kit to get through, there’s no time to pack up and go home!

    Spring Break Kaunertal, Austria 2016 Anon M3 Goggles

    When the conditions did improve some great powder riding was had as well as the odd cheeky jib session on great little hit areas around the glacier.
    With 10 runs available this isn’t about the mileage, you get on a set up and if your liking  it you might just want to spend a little more time getting to know it better… and if you don’t you’re never too far to go back up to camp and change your set up.
    It was great to finally test out some kit I’d missed from this year’s order, now covering our stores whole catalogue, to give you a taste of what we’ll be having in stock for the 2016/17 season.

    From brands such as Anon, Burton, Capita, G.N.U, Lib Tech, Union and Salomon, there were so many surprises and we can’t wait to share these with you soon!
    Check out the edit below of what I got up to, with product reviews to come during pre-season, this is surely going to be another awesome season to look forward to!


    See you soon!!!

  • Sea Swimming

    Sea Swimming

    Sea swimming

    Sea swimming is a Brighton and all along the South Coast tradition. Due to its popularity, more and more people are inclined to swim in the sea for the majority of the year and not just on those nicer days and the holidays.

    We are getting asked a lot for Sea Swimming or Open Water wetsuits, and depending on what you want from your swimming experience in terms of equipment, this is where we come in.

    Are you after the ultimate experience of swimming when our local sea temperature drops as low as 5°C (41°F) at the coldest time of the year?  You may be looking for a little more protection in the form of a wetsuit and wetsuit accessories?

    Or, all you are looking for is a swim suit, swimming cap and goggles? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

    We have been selling wetsuits in our Brighton store (Ocean Sports) and online (Boardridersguide) for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection and have friendly, knowable staff on hand to make sure you buy the right wetsuit for you!

    A wetsuit will keep your core warm and provide a little extra buoyancy too! The more neoprene you have on, the warmer you will be. Too much neoprene and you may start to lose the feeling of swimming through the water and just float.

    If you are a member of a sea swimming club, we suggest you speak to your instructor / organiser first, they will be able to offer you the best advice and what you will need for local conditions.  We have found lightweight, short arm and long leg or short leg wetsuits are preferred as they keep the body warm and don’t restrict your movement, allowing you to swim through the water at ease.

    You will find that your hands and feet may get cold also! Fingers and toes are the first to complain in the cold water, we have wetsuit boots and wetsuit gloves that will do just the job.

    Lightweight gloves will keep your hands warmer without detracting too much from the feeling of swimming. Wetsuit boots or wetsuit shoes for sea swimming are recommended to keep your feet warm and protect you from sharp stones and those nasty weaver fish. For colder temperatures we also sell neoprene beanies and hoods to keep all the heat you generate whilst swimming from getting lost through your head (these make a big difference). We also have a good range of sea swimming googles and swimming hats to offer.

    If you need more information please call us on 01273 412241 or check out our recommended sea swimming products in our Men’s Open Water Swimming and Women’s Open Water Swimming sections or better still call into our store in Brighton and say Hi..!

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  • Snow Bargains

    Snow Bargains

    Ski resorts are starting to look just as they should this time of year as snow begins to fall. Just looking at some of the resorts in the Alps, their daily dose of photos and videos online goes to show that conditions are shaping up nicely. Closer to home Scotland has seen some snow with a few of the lower lifts in operation.

    Val Thorens snow bargains

    We’ve just had a truck load of bits and pieces from snowboard packages to beanies and base layers. There’s a deal to be had so take a look around at our snow sale.

    We’ve put together below a few of our favourite pieces below, so grab yourself something from our snow bargains.

    dakine-1 snow bargains

    Go Shop our collection >>

    1)  Dakine Ledge 11 Snowboard Ski Jacket Cypress
    A standard fit jacket providing a roomier body, traditional baggy style and more volume throughout.  With its vertical shadow stripe material shell, this jacket offers a subtle texture giving it dimension as light reflects off its surface. Not only does it look good but offers 10k waterproofing and 10k breathability with a DWR finish.

    It doesn’t just stop on the outside, with 100G PrimaLoft SPORT in the body and 60G in the sleeves and hood. This jacket offers less quilting less weight yet superior warmth. A Durable insulation with minimal loss in insulation values when wet.

    2) Dakine Switch Snowboard Ski Pant Harvest
    These Snowboard Pants offer a roomier body with a slightly baggy hip and leg style through the pant. A style perfect for ease of movement whilst you play on the slopes all day! The 2L full dull heavy oxford shell, provides a comfortable hand and strong construction to accommodate the daily needs of aggressive riding.

    3) Dakine Pitch Riders Shirt
    A quirky base layer ideal for on and off the mountains. It looks like and ordinary shirt but has Microban antimicrobial fabric treatment so your body stays both warm and dry all day!

    4) Dakine Talon Base layer Pant
    These pants have two layers for warmth and dryness without the bulk, featuring an elastic waist band with Dakine branding around it and a Microban antimicrobial fabric treatment.

    5) Dakine Excursion Ski Snowboard Glove
    A great quality mens snow glove from Dakine. Built from water repellent leather and 360g wool lining. These gloves classic design meets modern construction to produce a worldwide favourite!

    6) Dakine Gordon Beanie
    This beanie is a double layered band beanie, perfect for out on the slopes, featuring a Dakine label stitched into the front of the beanie and a pom pom on top!


    snow bargains

    Go Shop our collection >>

    1) Dakine Switch Snowboard Ski Jacket Army
    A standard fit jacket which provides more room and a baggier style so you can layer up with ease. Its 2L brushed shell is Dakines high performance 2 layer Fine Twill poly microfiber, providing a brushed face for a soft hand. It's backed with a jet micro coating to guarantees excellence in its waterproofing and breathability.

    2) Dakine Quick Draw Thermal Crew
    A lightweight and dry top featuring Microban antimicrobial treat to keep you out for longer! Made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon this top is soft for ultimate comfort.

    3) Dakine Bronco Ski Snowboard Gloves
    These snowboard gloves feature a Gore Tex waterproof and breathable outer with a high loft synthetic liner (80g) to keep your hands super warm whilst out on the slopes! You can even stay connected with their touch screen compatibility.

    4) Anon Striker Snow/Ski Helmet
    All anon helmets feature easily removable ear pads and liners making every model easily convertible for riders who want to run a beanie and goggle under their lid for that skate-inspired, ultra-low-profile look without sacrificing comfort.

    5) Anon M2 Undefeated/Red Solex Snow/Ski Goggles
    Featuring anon’s patented Magna-Tech™ technology, the Magna-Tech Collection has set the benchmark for high-speed lens change-outs, providing riders with an ultra-secure lens-to frame seal and the ultimate in style.

    6) Dakine Elmo Beanie
    This beanie is great for casual wear or when your out on the slopes, made from acrylic with a ribbed knit, colour contrasting pom pom and doubled lining. This beanie is great as it can be worn slouchy or cuffed.

    Go have a look here >>

  • Sale

    It's begun, we have launched our Sale, offering discounts site wide (*exclusions apply).

    Boardridersguide the sale

    With the new year on the horizon we are offering discounts across a whole range of categories so there's something for everyone; guys, girls and the kids. The surf, skate, sup and snow enthusiasts and those wanting to take to the sport first time.

    Will you make 2016 your year of trying something new? If that's a yes and we hope its a yes, let us help you on your way to your new years resolution.

    Get shopping !!!!

  • Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    Brighton Longboarding Ladies -

    We asked the ladies at Brighton Longboard Ladies to put together a little blog to give you a taste of what its like to be a part of a longboarding community and the benefits.

    If you wander along Hove Lawn on Brighton seafront on any given sunny afternoon you will almost certainly come across a longboarder … in fact, you will almost certainly come across a bunch of women longboarders!

    Ellen Spall - Nose Manual Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    We are the Brighton Longboard Ladies; a group established in 2013 by Sheree Wall to encourage women longboarders in and around Brighton and Sussex, of any age and experience, to meet, skate together and share tricks and tips. Since it's origins the crew has established a following of over 500 on our Facebook page with around 160 as part of our online group.
    Although a 'Ladies' group, our meets are open to all and totally inclusive. We will often have other local and neighbouring crews join us with regular visits from our London friends.

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesWhen we first met, we just cruised around and a couple of the girls with street skate backgrounds tried some tricks. Although we were true beginners, many of us had real aspirations! Now, when we meet, we set out a line of cones for slalom and a small hippy jump for a bit of fun. The girls will be busting out dance moves and flatland tricks as well as continuing to learn new things. A few of the girls are now part of the downhill and slide scene. There is always a great vibe and we often find ourselves chatting with passers-by whose usual question is; Why do we do it?

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesFor many of us it's the feeling of freedom. It's such a relaxed and chilled thing; cruising and carving along the seafront, throwing in a couple of dance moves, the adrenaline rush as you practice and try not to stack it! For others, it's much more poetic; bringing a feeling like nothing else can, like being in a different and wonderful world! I has certainly helped many of us increase our confidence as it makes us face fears and exceed our own expectations.

    It enables us all to forget about everything else, even things that worries or upsets us. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get when mastering a new move or trick – knowing that all your hard work and effort has paid off and now you can do something that before you saw someone else do and only wished you could.

    Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    And in the end, it's the community of girls and guys which is such an incredibly sociable one … and there is usually cake.

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  • A gap between action sports and the outdoors

    A gap between action sports and the outdoors

    Poler Outdoor Stuff is a brand created to bridge a gap between action sports and the outdoors, recognising that a modern active outdoor lifestyle encompasses them both. Making stuff for the roamers and seekers, gear that is both fun and functional and suited for everyday use in the city as well as your next trip into the wild.

    We've just got in some quirky camping / apparel bits and pieces from Poler ranging from tees, tops and caps, to fold away bags, sandwich makers and 'the Napsack'.

    The shop team have been busy getting it all ready in the shop for you to come feast your eyes on!


    We've got some items back in by Poler demand and everyone here's loving the Napsack!


    What is the Napsack?

    The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it, and wear it like a puffy coat around the campfire, and then crawl right back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag.

    Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, music festivals, jumping into after snowboarding, surfing or any other activity that brings your core temperature down. Its not too hot for inside and is awesome for wearing around the house in the winter.

    The chest pocket fits a phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones to run internally, and it has pockets like a puffy jacket.


    Basically... you'll never want to be parted!

    Take a look on our website here or why not pop in and see us! We have all you need for the perfect trip #campvibes.

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  • Our New Winter Wetsuit Range

    Get ready for winter with our new winter wetsuit range.

    With autumn almost upon us and sadly the nights slowly drawing in, it’s time to start thinking about that all important winter wetsuit !  We’ve just had in a whole host of wetsuits from brands such as C-Skins, O’Neill and Rip Curl all with their quirky features ready for you to hit the water in.

    Whether you’re a seasonal surfer who is looking to start surfing in the cooler months and move into something other than your trusty 3/2mm. Or perhaps looking at replacing that old school suit, our team are on hand to find something perfect for you!

    One of our best value suits just in is the Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol 5/3 grey winter wetsuit. Here you get Rip Curl's E4 super stretch neoprene through the shoulders where you need it most, keeping your arms less fatigued from paddling. E4 taping on critical seams for increased durability and Flash bomb lined lumbar panel will ensure core warmth even on those bitter winters’ days. With bright colours perfectly designed for being spotted in the water… this is our best selling Rip Curl women’s suit by far!!


    A great suit by C-Skins is the C-Skins Surflite 5/4mm winter wetsuit. This suit offers C-Flex Ultra Stretch neoprene in 30% of the body to allow for more movement yet still keep you warm with those glued and blind stitch seams and its super seal glideskin collar. A perfect entry suit for a great price!

    C Skins Surflite winter Wetsuit

    A new innovative vest from C-skins is the Hotwired short sleeve vest featuring Dryknit lining. How does this keep me warm you’re asking?

    C Skins Hot Wired Rash Vest (winter wetsuit)

    The vest is made up of five layers all with their own job to keep you warm as you can see from the image below. You’re probably thinking five layers any flexibility? Of course! This rash vest still offers the 4-way stretch you would expect and even dries within 15 minutes thanks to the Dry Knit Poly pro lining.

    Cskins hotwired rash vest (winter wetsuit)

    O’Neill have introduced an O’Neill Psychotech 6/4mm Hooded Winter Wetsuit made from their very own TechnoButter2. Designed to increase durability, retain 30% less water, 20% lighter and even offers ultra-quick drying. With its Air Firewall and super sealing in all the right places, this will keep you warm so you can stay out and play for longer!


    Full ranges available here: CSkinsRip Curl O'Neill

    If you would like to speak to one of our team just give us a call on 01273 420142 or pop in and see us!

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