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  • The Endless Summer meets Indo Board

    The Endless Summer Indo Board

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of surf classic film ‘The Endless Summer’. The people behind the brand Indo Board and of course Robert August, have designed a Indo deck based on the iconic movie poster that hit the scene back in 1964. Even today this image still looks timeless.

    The Indo Board itself, is ideal for a variety of sports, training, fitness or rehab, such as Surfing, Skiing and Wakeboarding right through to Snowboarding and even MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This little gem enables the development of your core balance and stability to prepare you for the sport you love.
    On those days where the surf isn’t pumping or the powder on the slopes is inexistent you can still have fun whilst working on those central muscles, improving confidence and getting that one step close to your ultimate adventure, lovely!

    The Endless Summer Indo Board

    This little package includes:
    A Limited edition Indo deck / Endless Summer Artwork :

    • Medium size roller
    • Instruction DVD

    This particular size board is the easiest of the Indo Board range to learn with, for it is simple, sturdy and can be used by all ages and abilities.
    Once you have grasped the basics of rolling forwards and backwards, there are a range of tricks you can try to improve your skill set!

    Check it out here: Endless Summer Indo Board

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