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    Brighton Longboarding Ladies -

    We asked the ladies at Brighton Longboard Ladies to put together a little blog to give you a taste of what its like to be a part of a longboarding community and the benefits.

    If you wander along Hove Lawn on Brighton seafront on any given sunny afternoon you will almost certainly come across a longboarder … in fact, you will almost certainly come across a bunch of women longboarders!

    Ellen Spall - Nose Manual Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    We are the Brighton Longboard Ladies; a group established in 2013 by Sheree Wall to encourage women longboarders in and around Brighton and Sussex, of any age and experience, to meet, skate together and share tricks and tips. Since it's origins the crew has established a following of over 500 on our Facebook page with around 160 as part of our online group.
    Although a 'Ladies' group, our meets are open to all and totally inclusive. We will often have other local and neighbouring crews join us with regular visits from our London friends.

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesWhen we first met, we just cruised around and a couple of the girls with street skate backgrounds tried some tricks. Although we were true beginners, many of us had real aspirations! Now, when we meet, we set out a line of cones for slalom and a small hippy jump for a bit of fun. The girls will be busting out dance moves and flatland tricks as well as continuing to learn new things. A few of the girls are now part of the downhill and slide scene. There is always a great vibe and we often find ourselves chatting with passers-by whose usual question is; Why do we do it?

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesFor many of us it's the feeling of freedom. It's such a relaxed and chilled thing; cruising and carving along the seafront, throwing in a couple of dance moves, the adrenaline rush as you practice and try not to stack it! For others, it's much more poetic; bringing a feeling like nothing else can, like being in a different and wonderful world! I has certainly helped many of us increase our confidence as it makes us face fears and exceed our own expectations.

    It enables us all to forget about everything else, even things that worries or upsets us. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get when mastering a new move or trick – knowing that all your hard work and effort has paid off and now you can do something that before you saw someone else do and only wished you could.

    Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    And in the end, it's the community of girls and guys which is such an incredibly sociable one … and there is usually cake.

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