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Let the games begin

  • Free £5, £10 & £25 for everyone! Let the games begin!

    We're all a bit excited about the launch of the Olympics, starting with the opening ceremony tonight. It's been such a sunny week and added on top - it's payday Friday! Could things get any better? Well, maybe a bit.... here's your chance for a free £5, £10 or £25 off your order at - yay!

    Grab those summer essentials you didn't think you'd be needing this year - flip-flops, boardies, UV tops, caps, sunglasses, bikini, beach towels, shorty wetsuits and use these SPECIAL OFFER DISCOUNT DEALS to save even more on top of our already awesome prices!

    So, what's the deal? Spend over £30 and we'll give you £5 off (use code BRONZE), spend over £60 and we'll give you £10 off (use discount code SILVER) or spend over £200 and we'll give you £25 off (use code GOLD).

    Offer ends 10am on Tuesday 31st July

    Let the games begin & good luck to Team GB!


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