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Kelly Slater 10th World Title

  • Kelly Slater Makes History Winning His 10th ASP World Title

    A massive congratulations to Quiksilver's Kelly Slater on winning his 10th (yes 10th!) ASP World Championship title in Puerto Rico on 6th November 2010. His ASP World Title accomplishments span two decades and make surf legend Slater both the youngest and oldest ASP World Champions!

    Slater scored an incredible 18.77 out of a possible 20 in the Final - even managing to score a Perfect 10!

    Kelly says: "I feel relieved honestly - it's been the most stressful title I've ever had, because it's sort of an unknown place and you know at my age people say 'you shouldn't be doing this.' And all the young guys are getting better and it's a challenge to believe in yourself and not believe what other people tell you. I know how good Jordy, Dane, Mick, Taj and all those guys are, and it's a marathon, you know? It's not one wave, it's not one maneuver, it's not one contest. It's a year-long thing and I know how to focus and it came together and I'm just so relieved."

    Slater won his previous ASP titles in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2008. Other achievements also include 45 WCT wins and 2 ESPN X Games gold medals. Now 2010 marks this 10th ASP World Title victory - remember the date guys, this will go down in surfing history! Congrats Kelly!

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