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  • A GoPro in action as you have never seen it before

    The GoPro commonly used for action sports underwater, mid-air or down the side of a mountain.

    A great bit of kit for capturing those truly unique and quite frankly awesome moments. And that’s just what David Kalb did, involving watermelons, fire and of course hotdogs in the video below…



    go-pro-boardriders-blog GoPro | Backyard Trick Shot Golf

    So whether you think this video is plan crazy! Or has enthused you to get in on the GoPro and its antics just take a look at the range of camera’s and accessories we have available online.

    Heading out in the surf this summer? GoPro Surf Mounts are ideal for taking memorable moments whilst above or below the water whether you’re on a Surfboard, Kayak or SUP.

    Maybe you’re snorkeling, be sure to grab yourself a GoPro Floaty Backdoor. This clever floatation devise keeps your camera afloat if you drop it in the water or even let go of your camera! Or perhaps your biking in the mountains or karting around the desert, whatever it is your up to, we have a range of mounts available, chest, head, helmet, handle and bar mounts to make sure that your capturing those memories to reminiscence on.

    If you've captured something and think it's worth a share, send it in to us at:

    If you need any further advise or info drop us a call 01273 420142 and a member of our team will be more then happy to assist you =].


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