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Hidden City of Heroes

  • "Hidden City of Heroes" a GoPro Film

    Monday saw the official UK launch of the new GoPro Hero 3 at Red Bull Studios, London. Ortis Deley of The Gadget Show fame was on hand to tell the assembled masses all about the GoPro Hero 3, as well as to unveil a new short film, shot exclusively on GoPro cameras that was commissioned by Madison for the UK launch of the Hero 3




    The film, entitled ‘Hidden City of Heroes’, was created by Vertigo Films, the iconic British film makers behind the new box office hit 'The Sweeney'. ‘Hidden City of Heroes’ takes you on a high speed journey across London through the lens of a GoPro. The edit takes in everything from iconic landmarks, to the lives of commuters around the city. Check out the “on deck” footage at the Southbank – We have sold all our Go Pro Black Editions already and are now taking orders for delivery mid November… roll on! 




    This film was created exclusively for the event and was shot entirely on GoPro cameras and features the latest addition to the GoPro UK athlete roster, Korahn Gayle. 

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