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  • Heroin Video Nasty

    To coincide with the DVD and iTunes release of Heroin Video Nasty, the skateboarding film from Heroin, we've got the range of Heroin Nasty skate decks in store (and the DVD too of course!)

    Heard about Heroin Video Nasty? Video Nasty will feature the whole team and is a charming romantic comedy about judo's and back smiths. Actually that's a lie, it's just straight up shredding from the likes of Chet Childress, Gou Miyagi, Daniel Shimizu, Chopper, Fos (Thats me!) Rogie, Tom Day, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Stephen Malet, Deer Man of Dark Woods is in there too.

    Heroin Video Nasty Decks

    Heroin Video Nasty decks are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or to buy online from

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