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GPS Surf Watch

  • Rip Curl Search GPS Watch update

    At last we have received some of the hugely awaited Ripcurl GPS watches - The World’s First GPS Surf Watch – We tested a prototype back in the Summer and have been dying to get our hands one since. For those who don’t like gadgets or have spent time in the past trying to set up a Surf Tide watch - The One Touch Auto set up is a dream – All you do is press one button and let the Search GPS Watch do the rest – using Global positioning the watch sets itself to your local time and sets the tide to the nearest Port or Beach.


    The team behind the innovation at Rip Curl have created a truly exciting gadget/app to help improve and enhance your surfing to make sure that your time spent in the water is well and truly spent!

    rip-curl-gps-watch Rip Curl GPS Watch

    This is a very clever bit of kit, enabling you to track  a range of stats to check out on your watch and mobile app such as:

    • Number of Waves Caught


    You are now ready to predict time and tide and then track every wave you get, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session – Ripcurl team rider Gabriel Medina is renowned for catching a huge amount of waves every time he surfs. Recently at Rocky Point in Hawaii, Gabriel scored 43 waves in just over an hour and a half... that’s roughly one wave every two and a half minutes! Think you can catch more than Medina?


    • Time Spent in the water

    During a trip to Cloudbreak Fiji, Alana Blanchard surfed a total of 25 hours over 4 surf sessions. From this on average she was surfing 6.25 hours a day. Through knowing this info she could plan a training program to helps her to balance her body and lifestyle!

    alana-blanchards-surf-time-spent-in-the-water Alana’s Stats of time spent in the water and conditions
    • Position in the Line up

    Check out where exactly you are in the line up from take-off to finish, longest ride and the speed in which you are surfing. From this you can compare daily sessions amongst your own records and your friends.

    am-surf-session-rip-curl-gps Wilko’s AM surf
    pm-surf-session-rip-curl-gps-wilko Wilko’s PM surf


    • Speed of your surf
    speed-of-surf-rip-curl-gps-watch Mike Fannings speed in the water


    • Re-live your sessions

    Back home or at work you can Sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session  - Show your mates what they missed..!  Using the Ripcurl Search App available for iPhone or from any web browser you can create your own profile, even check the stats from other Ripcurl Pro Surfers at World Tour events across the Globe.  You can access your surf data from all your devices and showcase your sessions on the Ripcurl Search App or direct to Facebook.



    re-live-session-ripcurl-gps-sync Sync via Bluetooth
    • Compare your surf with the pros and your friends.

    You can create a club or group using the App to compete against your workmates, or set one up for your next surf trip. Get insights into how often your friends surf and where they surf, Log stats from every session, you can of course keep your secret spots private too..! It is the world’s first socially-connected global surfing community.



    The Ripcurl Search GPS is lightweight and has a soft rubber strap so is comfortable to wear in the Surf with or without a wetsuit – There’s no messing with batteries too – the Ripcurl Search GPS watch features a rechargeable battery and can be charged from your PC or Mains

    An ideal Christmas Present for yourself or the Surfer in your life…!
    Prepare to Join The Search.

    *Adapter Needed


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