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Go Pro

  • A GoPro in action as you have never seen it before

    The GoPro commonly used for action sports underwater, mid-air or down the side of a mountain.

    A great bit of kit for capturing those truly unique and quite frankly awesome moments. And that’s just what David Kalb did, involving watermelons, fire and of course hotdogs in the video below…



    go-pro-boardriders-blog GoPro | Backyard Trick Shot Golf

    So whether you think this video is plan crazy! Or has enthused you to get in on the GoPro and its antics just take a look at the range of camera’s and accessories we have available online.

    Heading out in the surf this summer? GoPro Surf Mounts are ideal for taking memorable moments whilst above or below the water whether you’re on a Surfboard, Kayak or SUP.

    Maybe you’re snorkeling, be sure to grab yourself a GoPro Floaty Backdoor. This clever floatation devise keeps your camera afloat if you drop it in the water or even let go of your camera! Or perhaps your biking in the mountains or karting around the desert, whatever it is your up to, we have a range of mounts available, chest, head, helmet, handle and bar mounts to make sure that your capturing those memories to reminiscence on.

    If you've captured something and think it's worth a share, send it in to us at:

    If you need any further advise or info drop us a call 01273 420142 and a member of our team will be more then happy to assist you =].


  • Just released - GoPro HERO3+ Camera!

    The GoPro HERO3+ camera is HERE! We thought the GoPro HERO 3 was awesome, but the new HERO3+ is SICK! Seriously – check out the footage further down the page!

    go pro hero 3 plus camera (black & silver editions)


    The GoPro HERO3+ is 20% smaller than the HERO3, with 30% longer battery life, lighter, more powerful (12MP stills and 30fps) now features SuperView, high res high frame professional video quality, Protune, Auto Low Light mode, the audio is improves and images are even sharper with less distortion! In short EPIC!

    gopro hero3+

    We’ve got the GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition, GoPro HERO 3+ Surf Edition, GoPro HERO3+ Motorsports Edition and GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition on their way to us (due any day now), but stock is pretty limited, so we recommend pre-ordering (CLICK HERE to pre order your GoPro HERO3+).

    We’ve got a stack of GoPro HERO3+ accessories and mounts coming too, including the new GoPro LCD backpack, all available to pre-order too!

    go pro hero 3 plus photos / images


    GoPro HERO3+ cameras and accessories will be available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders and to pre order and buy online from Got a question about the new GoPro HERO3+ cameras? Just give us a call on 01273 420142 and we’ll be happy to help.

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    For more information on GoPro Hero3+ cameras email

  • Your GoPro camera questions answered!

    As an official GoPro camera dealer both in store and online we get a lot of enquiries from customers about GoPro cameras looking for advice and info. We're here to help during opening times, but we know you sometimes want answers in the evening, or at weekends, when we're not on the end of a phone.

    So, we've written up a guide to GoPro cameras to answer your frequently asked questions and give you a few GoPro handy tips.

    Our GoPro camera FAQ's include:

    • What's the difference between GoPro Black, Silver & White?
    • What's the difference between the GoPro Black Edition, Motorsports & Surf Edition?
    • Are the GoPro Black Edition & Motorsports Edition the same?
    • Which GoPro camera do I need?
    • Which memory card do I need for a GoPro camera?
    • How do I know if a software update is available for my GoPro?
    • Do I need a computer to use a GoPro camera?
    • Do I need batteries for my GoPro camera?
    • How long does the battery last on a GoPro camera?
    • Compare spec of the GoPro Black, Silver & White cameras
    • Which accessories are included in the box?
    • Which GoPro accessories are available to add on?

    CLICK HERE to head to our GoPro advice page >>

    Gopro cameras

  • "Hidden City of Heroes" a GoPro Film

    Monday saw the official UK launch of the new GoPro Hero 3 at Red Bull Studios, London. Ortis Deley of The Gadget Show fame was on hand to tell the assembled masses all about the GoPro Hero 3, as well as to unveil a new short film, shot exclusively on GoPro cameras that was commissioned by Madison for the UK launch of the Hero 3




    The film, entitled ‘Hidden City of Heroes’, was created by Vertigo Films, the iconic British film makers behind the new box office hit 'The Sweeney'. ‘Hidden City of Heroes’ takes you on a high speed journey across London through the lens of a GoPro. The edit takes in everything from iconic landmarks, to the lives of commuters around the city. Check out the “on deck” footage at the Southbank – We have sold all our Go Pro Black Editions already and are now taking orders for delivery mid November… roll on! 




    This film was created exclusively for the event and was shot entirely on GoPro cameras and features the latest addition to the GoPro UK athlete roster, Korahn Gayle. 

  • Go Pro Hero3 has arrived!

    If you thought the Go-Pro HD Hero 2 was unreal, here's something to blow your mind! Go Pro have released the HD Hero3 and it's INCREDIBLE!

    Ok, so what's the big deal about this Go Pro Hero 3? Well, in short it's smaller, lighter and 2X more powerful, again. The Wi-Fi enabled Go-Pro HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. No expense was spared during its development, resulting in a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than previous models.

    Smaller, Lighter... Better
    Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Black Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models.

    2X Faster Video Performance
    The Go Pro HERO3: Black Edition captures professional, cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution and 2X the frame-rate of previous models while delivering 2X better low light performance. Slow-motion aficionados and industry professionals will love the HERO3: Black Edition's 1080p-60, 720p-120, WVGA-240, 960p-100 and 1440p-48 high frame-rate video modes while those desiring a cinematic look will appreciate the ultra-high resolution 2.7kp-30 and 4kp-15 video modes.

    3X Faster Photo Performance
    The Go Pro HERO3: Black Edition's photo performance is 3X faster, now boasting 12MP burst capture at a staggering 30 frames per second with 2X better low light performance compared to previous models. Still Photo and Time-lapse Photo modes remain the same but are joined by a new Continuous Photo mode that captures continuous 12MP stills at a steady 3, 5, or 10 photo-per-second rate, up to 30 photos at a time. And for those that like pulling still images from video, 4kp15 video mode captures 8+MP video at 15 frames per second making it perfect for pulling still images from video.

    Sharper Lens, Less Distortion
    The HERO3's reduced-distortion, 6-element aspherical lens combines with user-selectable Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow field-of-views to deliver more perspective-capture options than ever before. Add the totally updated flat-lens waterproof housing that delivers stunning image sharpness both above and below water and you've got one of the most powerful and durable image capture solutions on the planet.

    Updated Audio System
    Understanding that sound quality sound is as important as image quality, GoPro engineers completely redesigned the Go Pro HERO3's audio system to be as adept at capturing the subtle, natural sounds of voice and music as it is at capturing the immersive sounds of sport. Also improved is GoPro's already famous wind-noise reduction, ensuring that you'll hear more of your passion, be it your engine or expletives, and less of the wind during high speed activities.

    Get your Go Pro Hero3 NOW from >>

  • The Go Pro App has arrived...

    We've been waiting on this one....the release of the Go Pro App!! Control your Go Pro camera though your iPhone or iPad, get live previews, playback, share videos straight away...

    The app itself is free (bonus) but you do need the Wi-Fi Bacpac to use it... which is £99.99, but totally worth it (plus if  you're a Go Pro addict like us, you've probably already got it!)

    Go Pro say: "The GoPro App you lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Features include full control of all camera settings, live video preview to your smartphone or tablet for easy shot framing and more. The GoPro App also gives you access to our Photo and Video of the Day posts keeping you in touch with the latest radness from GoPro. The GoPro App is available on the Apple App Store™ and coming soon to Google Play."

    What do you see....

    Awesome right?!!

    If you need a Go Pro WiFi kit CLICK HERE

  • Kelly Slater joins the Go Pro team!

    We're excited about the news Kelly Slater has joined the Go Pro team! Seriously looking forward to checking out the footage he films (and pretending we can do better!!).

    c/o Go Pro: GoPro, maker of the world’s most versatile cameras and producer of some of today’s most engaging content, is excited to welcome 11 time Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Champion, Kelly Slater, to its team of athletes.

    “I’m stoked. I’ve had a lot of fun with the GoPro camera and in just the few sessions I’ve had so far with it, I’ve gotten more images than I have in a long time,” said Kelly Slater.

    Slater has dominated the sport for two decades, becoming both the youngest (at age 20), and the oldest (at age 39) surfer to win the ASP title. He joins GoPro’s team of surf athletes that include Mark Healey, Alana Blanchard, Sunny Garcia, Jamie Sterling, Kelia Moniz, Harley Ingleby, Monyca Byrne Wickey, Hughes Oyarzabel, Anthony Walsh, Kalani Chapman and Chuck Patterson.

    “Working with Kelly takes me back to why I started GoPro,” says GoPro’s Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman. “We began as a wrist camera for surfing company with a vision to help the average surfer capture photos that made him or her look like a pro…like Kelly Slater. Now GoPro is helping Kelly, himself, capture and share his own experience with fans around the world and it’s blowing my mind. I guess this whole GoPro thing is kind of working out…”

    In addition to competing on the ASP world tour, Kelly spends much of his time traveling the globe in search of the best surf. Photos and videos captured by Kelly during his travels will be broadcast on The GoPro Network at, GoPro’s Facebook page and on GoPro’s YouTube Channel.

    Check out his 'welcome to the team' You Tube video from this link :

    Fancy trying to trump Slaters pics & vids? Grab yourself a Go Pro camera from us - we stock the full range, including Go Pro HD Hero 2 (the latest one in crazy crystal clear quality HD) and all the accessories too, including the Go Pro Dive Housing (just released)! CLICK HERE to check our stock.

  • Hawaii surfer reunited with GO PRO camera after a year!

    A Hawaiian surfer is reunited with a lost Go Pro camera after a YEAR! Dennis Curry lost the Go Pro action camera (which he had borrowed from a friend) a year ago while surfing when a strong wave took it out, along with his watch that also broke off. He later found the watch in a reef, but had written off ever finding the camera.

    A year down the line Army Chaplain Don Eubank was returning from a night dive and noticed the case of the Go Pro washed up on South Shore of Oahu. Amazingly, despite being under water for such a length of time, the camera still worked and Eubank discovered 51 video clips of a mystery guy surfing.

    He posted a screenshot of the guy in the clips on Craigslist and was contacted by Robin Bond Jr, wanting to help with the search to find the mystery surfer in the videos. With an extensive friend list of surfers on Facebook, Bond posted a plea out on his profile and within hours the photo had been matched up to Dennis Curry.

    Reunited with the camera he never expected to see again, Curry vows to use a leash and floatation device (Go Pro Floaty Back Door) next time he takes out the camera for a surf!

    Click the link below to see the Hawaii News bulletin for the full story......... awesome

  • Win a Go Pro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition Camera!

    Fancy a free Go Pro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition Camera? We'll here's your chance... We're giving away one of these top of the range, latest edition action cameras (worth a whopping £300!) on our Facebook Competition.

    GoPro cameras are used by more professional athletes, sports filmmakers and core enthusiasts than any other camera in the world. Wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 60m, capable of capturing professional full 170º wide angle 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second, the HD HERO2 is the world’s most versatile camera.

    To enter the competition and win this awesome prize head over to our Facebook pake - and LIKE our page to become a fan (if you're not one already!)

    You'll see the competition post at the top of our wall - just LIKE & SHARE the competition wall post to enter the prize draw!

    Entry closes at Midday on Friday 31st May 2012 and the winner of the Go Pro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition Camera will be announced on Facebook.


    Facebook comp

  • Go Pro - Go Cheap!

    Just a quickie.... our Go Pro HD Cameras are 'going cheap'... with prices slashed on the HD Helmet Hero, HD Motorsports Hero, HD Surf Hero, HD Naked and HD 960 cameras. Prices now from £169.99... wont last long so get in quick!

    CLICK HERE to go to the Go Pro camera sale

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