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Glenn Hall

  • Great news for C-Skins as Glenn Hall joins their team

    For Micro the decision to align with a fresh new wetsuit company that manufactures world class wetsuits was a no brainer. After penning a 2 year deal, Glenn remarked “I'm thrilled to be on the C-Skins team and look forward to working with the crew to keep up the amazing quality of wetsuits they already manufacture. Knowing I will be wearing the best wetsuits, boots and gloves this year makes me more confident than ever competing at all the coldwater spots on tour.”  

    C-SKINS have said that “Micro’s talent and pure drive is unquestioned. We are stoked to align ourselves with such a great talent and we look forward to going forward with Glenn as one of the key players in our International Team”

    Glenn Hall C Skins

    Micro was born and raised in Australia and remains a proud Aussie, but his decision to surf under the Irish flag has meant he is the first surfer to fly the Irish flag on the ASP WCT. In a recent interview on, Hall states that he is proud of both his Irish and Australian heritage and when the opportunity to surf for Ireland came up a few years ago he liked the idea of representing the country and trying to give the younger generation in Ireland someone to follow in competitive surfing.

    Micro wants to get the most out of his equipment and wetsuits is a key part of this. “Micro’s ability to relay feedback on our wetsuits and test our product will also help keep C-SKINS at the forefront of wetsuit design & innovation and as the wetsuit of choice for core surfers”.

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