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  • Did you spot our April Fools??

    So...did you see anything strange on our site today??? We thought we'd have a little April Fools Day fun and ran a cheeky little comp on Facebook to get you all joining in too. We hid 5 random products around the site, modelled by animals - ok so it was a poor Photoshop effort, but it got us chuckling!

    First to find each product and post it up on our Facebook won a prize... and the winners were:

    Owen Sparkes who found an elephant hiding in these O

    'Neill shorts


    David Thompson - who found the dog in the mens Carhartt tee

    Farah Bakir - first to find the donkey in the Rip Curl wetsuit

    Josh Molina-Blackburn who found this giraffe hiding in a ladies dress

    And last but not least......Jonathan Cosson who found the croc lurking in a kayak!


    Well done to all the guys that won and thaks to everyone who took part. It kept us amused for the morning and from the sound of it, most of you had fun too...sorry to all your bosses for distracting you from work on a Friday morning! He he.

    Join us on Facebook by CLICKING HERE or going to then click to LIKE us :-)



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