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french fries

  • Keith Lemon's chippy Vans shoes on Celebrity Juice

    Did you see Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice last night (Thursday 9th May 2013), sporting a rather aweseome pair of Vans Authentics with french fries all over them?!?! The filthy minded host of ITV2's Celebrity Juice was pulled up by Holly Willoughby for his wacky shorts and jacket suit combo, paired with red socks and those french fries Vans! The Keith Lemon shoes with chip photo all over are i'm sad to say not available in our store....let's be honest, who other than Keith Lemon can truely pull off a pair of Vans shoes with chips all over? Fries with that?

    Check out the screen shot photos below of Keith Lemon in "fries with that" Vans shoes!

    Keith Lemon French Fries Chips Vans Shoes

    Other styles of Vans shoes are available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove and online from

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